ASU, Cengage Learning and Knewton to Develop Highly Personalized Active Adaptive Learning Solution

Partnership integrates innovative technology with best of breed content and active learning for an elevated student learning experience across Intro courses

Scottsdale, AZ, April 7, 2015 — Today at the ASU+GSV Summit, Arizona State University (ASU), Cengage Learning and Knewton announced a partnership to co-develop new Active Adaptive learning solutions which leverage Knewton adaptive technology in brand new ways.  These innovators in higher education will co-develop a solution from the ground up utilizing cutting edge adaptive technology paired with best–in-class content and active learning activities, empowering instructors to spend more time supporting and inspiring learning and less time managing and lecturing students.

ASU recognized the need for a new way to deliver materials to students, allowing them to learn using instruction and content uniquely tailored to their individual needs in an environment where students take a more active role in their own learning. In partnership with ASU, and leveraging the adaptive power of Knewton within Cengage Learning’s MindTap digital learning solution, a new intro psychology product will available for use beginning this fall.  The psychology course will have an adaptive learning loop built around every concept rather than just for extra practice.

“Within ASU’s mission of providing access to a world-class education to all qualified students, it is important that we continue to build courses and work with faculty to ensure that each students learning needs are met,” said Phil Regier, University Dean for Educational Initiatives and Chief Executive Officer, EdPlus at ASU. “This is why ASU works to leverage personalized and adaptive learning technologies which creates a learning environment streamlined to the needs of the individual student.”

“With a shared vision for improving the student experience and learning outcomes, together with ASU and Knewton we are developing a new way of teaching – utilizing Active Adaptive technology to teach a new kind of student. With deep personalization, we can ensure delivery of the right information to the right student at the right time,” said Michael Hansen, Chief Executive Officer, Cengage Learning. “Our intent is that with these more effective and efficient solutions, faculty can become better stewards of learning — taking instructors out of the classroom management business and into the active learning business.”

“Cengage is leveraging the power of the Knewton platform to create a next-generation adaptive course that is built with personalization in mind from the start,” said Jose Ferreira, founder and CEO. “Students will get continuously updated recommendations for what to study at any given moment and instructors will get predictive analytics that help them intervene before a struggling student falls behind or an advanced student becomes disengaged. Furthermore, ASU is involved in the product development to further tailor the course for students and instructors.”

The Active Adaptive Psychology course will be the first in a series of new Active AdaptiveGeneral Education courses delivered through this partnership. ASU will study the effects of both delivery models in on-ground, hybrid, and online class settings.

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