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Business and Hard Sciences Graduates are Bullish about their Futures; Humanities & Social Sciences Majors Less Confident

Cengage Student Opportunity Index Measures Outlook by College Major

BOSTON—July 18, 2019 — This month, incoming college freshman will tackle their first on-campus experience: orientation. As students register for classes and contemplate majors, data from the Cengage Student Opportunity Index sheds light on how recent and upcoming graduates are faring. According to the Index, graduates in business and hard sciences (STEM, Healthcare and Biosciences) … Read more
College Graduates Optimistic About the Future Despite Mounting Loan Debt and Housing Costs, New Analysis Finds

First Cengage Student Opportunity Index Measures Graduate Opportunity Across Economic, Employment, Social and Personal Well-Being

BOSTON—May 15, 2019 — As millions of students don caps and gowns for graduation this month, they’re also leaving campus with something else: confidence in their futures. The majority of recent and upcoming college graduates—82 percent—say they are optimistic; and data shows graduates are entering a landscape of positive opportunity despite high student loan debt … Read more