Cengage Learning Announces National Course Technology Conference

Largest IT Publishing Event Empowers Educators to Address Today’s Challenges

Course Technology, part of Cengage Learning and a leading provider of computing courseware, today announced the 15th Annual National Conference for technology educators and administrators from universities, community colleges, career schools and high schools. The conference, to be held March 10-12 in Tampa, Florida, is part of Cengage Learning’s ongoing commitment to support instructors with professional development opportunities.

Today’s technology instructors face numerous challenges. Many are dealing with reduced funding, record breaking enrollments, and a diverse student population representing various ages, education levels, enrollment status and work/family commitments. In addition, technology is constantly evolving and instructors are often hard-pressed to find the time to learn how to use new products and applications before turning around to teach their students.

Course Technology’s annual conference is organized to empower computer technology educators to learn about new solutions and equip them to address many of these challenges. Conference attendees are invited to take part in more than 70 professional development sessions, many of which are hosted by their peers. In addition to presentations by several Course Technology authors, Cy Khormaee, Academic Relations Manager, Microsoft, will discuss Office 2010, Windows 7, Cloud Computing and Windows Phone 7 Series in an opening keynote.

“This conference gives us an opportunity to extend our longstanding community and partnership with instructors, sharing the latest technologies and pedagogical strategies to address teaching and learning challenges,” said Jonathan Hulbert, Executive Vice President and Publisher, Business and Computing, Cengage Learning. “At a time when many companies are pulling back on their investments, we recognize that our unique partnership, highlighted by the conference, fosters real solutions that promote increased student engagement and improved learning outcomes.”

Attendees have the opportunity to learn how to use various print and digital Cengage Learning products, and other applications, such as Microsoft’s upcoming release of Office 2010. Many of the sessions focus on professional development topics directly related to the challenges instructors face in the classroom. Topics include:

  • teaching soft skills to students
  • enhancing courses with multimedia video tutorials
  • using social media in the classroom
  • utilizing the newest Google applications like Wave and Lab
  • using cell phones and mobile devices for class work
  • what’s new in certification – MCAS, IC3, A+
  • latest curriculum trends and best practices in assessment

Many of the sessions focus on utilizing new technologies to motivate and engage students and, as a result, improve learning outcomes. Attendees will participate in hands-on training conducted on laptops in the learning center, and will also have the opportunity to preview and learn about next generation solutions such as SAM 2010, Emerge with Computers, and Global Technology Watch. In addition, attendees can network and share their best practices with more than 500 other instructors onsite.

For more information on the conference agenda, session descriptions or to register for the event, please visit http://tiny.cc/CourseTechConf. For more information on Course Technology, please visit www.course.cengage.com.

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