Cengage Learning CEO Michael Hansen Provides Commentary on President Obama’s Call for Free Access to Community Colleges

Boston, MA – January 9, 2015 – Highlighting the role of community colleges as ‘the backbone of the U.S. higher education system,’ Michael Hansen, Chief Executive Officer of Cengage Learning offers thoughts on President Obama’s proposal to provide students with free access to a community college education. Hansen, an advocate and leader in the education space, offers that increased access is only one component to improving higher education in the United States.

Current statistics show that dropout rates are currently at a staggering 42%. As a global education company and a leading provider of materials to community colleges, Cengage Learning is committed to increasing student retention, engagement and matriculation. Hansen believes this can be accomplished through better use of educational technology, an increased focus on the student experience, and better understanding of the causes behind student dropouts.

Notable Quotes

  • “Community colleges are the core and the centerpiece of the US higher education system…Dropout rates are way too high. I believe that with the appropriate use of technology and the appropriate focus on the student experience, we can actually materially affect those dropout rates.”

  • “Providing more access is not going to be the full answer; it’s going to be part of the answer. The critical thing we have to focus on is understanding when and why these dropouts happen in community colleges.”

  • “They [community colleges] are the heartbeat, the backbone of the education system, and we now have the ability to, with content and technology, make them a lot more effective…we need to make sure that we have a workforce that is educated, fit for purpose, and ready to compete in an increasingly global environment.”

Video footage of full commentary is available by request.

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