Cengage Learning Donates “After 9/11” Textbook to All NYC Public High Schools and Makes Free Online Resources Available to Teachers

500 New York City High Schools Receive Donation of Materials to Support Teaching & Learning of 9/11

Stamford, CT, September 8, 2011 — Cengage Learning, a leading global provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions, today announced the donation of copies of After 9/11, an educational resource covering the events of 9/11 and the following decade, to all public high schools in New York City’s five boroughs, approximately 500 schools. Copies of the student and teacher editions of After 9/11 were delivered to all NYC schools in time for the start of the school year.  In addition, Cengage Learning has made free lesson plans available online for all teachers nation-wide.

“The events of 9/11 are too critical to the contemporary world to not be taught in schools. Many teachers feel 9/11 is, for many students, an historical event – distant and abstract, while others feel, from a teaching perspective, it is still too soon for objective analysis,” said Nader Qaimari, senior vice president, marketing, Cengage Learning. “After 9/11 helps teachers deal with this sensitive but important topic by providing the facts of the day, not the gruesome details, and focus on the response – how we coped, how we changed and how it changed us. In addition, we provide different ways to teach the material so teachers can choose an approach that works best for their students.”


After 9/11, from Cengage Learning’s new Behind the Headlines series, provides a factual and unbiased retelling of the events of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent decade. The book is designed to not only help today’s high school students understand the attacks and their context, but allows them to evaluate the issues and events resulting in the following years. After 9/11 ($9.95 – available for purchase at http://behindtheheadlines.info/) covers the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – how they emerged and developed; changes in national security and the individual privacy compromises they required; and, more broadly, the effects of the attacks on the world.

The After 9/11 book is accompanied by a teacher’s edition with activities to help teachers discuss 9/11 with their students and free online resources that are available to all educators via the Zoom: After 9/11 website (http://behindtheheadlines.info/teaching911), an online learning resource featuring a sophisticated interactive timeline and twelve free lesson plans covering the following topics:

  1. The Economic Impact of 9/11
  2. Democracy in Afghanistan?
  3. Invasion of Iraq: How did we get There?
  4. Freedom in the Age of Terrorism
  5. International Terror, International Response
  6. Fit for Duty?
  7. Probability and Racial Profiling
  8. Ground Zero Epidemiology
  9. American-ness in Post-9/11 Literature

10.  9/11 in Film

11.  9/11 in Music

12.  The Art of Remembrance

Behind the Headlines is a new magazine-style series presenting overviews of key current news events that dominate world headlines. The series is fully illustrated, professionally written and designed, and is curriculum-aligned. From the Middle East to the Gulf Coast to economic challenges across the globe, Behind the Headlines provides an accessible, dramatic retelling of critical world events that encourages classroom discussion.

For questions and to speak with a Cengage Learning spokesperson about the challenges of teaching 9/11 to today’s students, please contact James McCusker at [email protected]. For more information on After 9/11 and the Behind the Headlines series, please visit http://behindtheheadlines.info/.


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