ed2go and iLearn Partnership Brings Innovative Alternative Solution to the Traditional Developmental Math Market

ReadyMATH provides a legitimate alternative for the student and the school through ed2go’s 2,000+ existing college and university continuing education partners

Stamford, CT and Columbia, MO  – February 14, 2012 –Education to Go (ed2go) has formed a strategic partnership with iLearn, Inc. to help young adults and non-traditional students prepare for college level math utilizing an innovative, technology-driven learning platform. iLearn’s breakthrough program will be offered as an online solution under the brand name ReadyMATH within ed2go’s global network of post-secondary partners, providing access to millions of adult learners who need help preparing for college level math.

Colleges and universities across the United States are being challenged to dramatically increase graduation rates. With developmental education students at the greatest risk of dropping out, institutions are focused on identifying strategies to help these students successfully complete their coursework and graduate. At an American Association of Community Colleges conference, six national organizations representing all the community colleges in the country acknowledged the problem and signed a statement of commitment to increase student completion rates by 50 percent in the next decade. To reach that goal, community colleges must do things differently; particularly with students who need remedial math help – a problem that affects 30-35% of all incoming college freshman each year.   

Dr. Robert Collins, iLearn founder and CEO, states “This technology-based approach provides new help for students and colleges in getting to the national goal established by President Obama in a faster, more effective and less costly way than any other existing alternative.”

“We’re excited about this unique program of instruction developed by iLearn and the opportunity to leverage – on a national scale – the expertise and local community support provided by our outstanding college and university partners,” said ed2go Vice President, Jerry Weissberg.  “We believe this is the right solution targeted at the right audience at the right time – one that will produce immediate results. This is the ‘winning combination’ – making this powerful program accessible and affordable for individuals who want to achieve timely math success and complete their academic program.”

Knowledge gaps in math exist for the majority of students preparing for college. ReadyMATH makes it much easier to learn math by precisely identifying and addressing these knowledge gaps through the use of a comprehensive approach. Technology automates the delivery of modular assessment and dynamically generated custom-tailored curriculum along with integrated practice and the ongoing validation of mastery attainment. Real-time tracking and reporting tools containing visual progress charts and detailed information for each student can be used by instructors to see precisely how the student is progressing and intervene if necessary – maximizing retention and student success. By design, this methodology targets and condenses the required instruction to exactly what’s needed for each student – no more, no less – enhancing and accelerating the learning process.

Collins notes that, “The answers to how to improve instruction have been available from high-quality research for years. Thus far, no one has succeeded in bringing the solution to market in a practical way that can be easily implemented and rapidly scaled in a very affordable manner across many schools.”  ReadyMATH is designed to do just that! To learn more, go to www.ed2golive.com/readymath.

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About iLearn, Inc.

iLearn has been in business since 1989 with the sole mission of delivering the highest quality instruction using technology. They are educators who use technology in innovative ways to help schools improve student achievement in math. From day one, they have been dedicated to delivering measurably superior products that are based on a very extensive base of solid experimental research. Virtually every detail of the design of their products is based on this research. Their approach has been validated through nineteen years of successful field evaluation research and experience. For more information, visit www.ilearn.com