Excelsior College and Cengage Announce the Launch of CourXam, a First of its Kind Hybrid Digital Course and Exam

ALBANY, N.Y., April 26, 2017 – The Center for Educational Measurement at Excelsior College and Cengage, an education and technology company, have partnered to launch CourXam, a personalized, portable, and mobile platform for students who are looking for a new way to earn college credit.

“CourXam (pronounced korzam) is an innovative educational product developed by Excelsior College and Cengage that addresses the critical concerns of today’s higher education students: portability, convenience, and affordability,” said Nurit Sonnenschein, General Manager of Excelsior’s Center for Educational Measurement. “A CourXam is a college option where a student can learn when they want and how they want – on their laptop, their tablet and even their phone.”

The first five CourXams developed will be focused on Criminal Justice and can be used toward earning a degree in Criminal Justice at Excelsior College. In 2018, MBA CourXams will also become available. Each are built to the exacting specifications of a team of Criminal Justice professors from several colleges, including Excelsior College. They include all the learning materials used in college courses, but are designed for independent, adult learners who don’t have the time or inclination to attend regular class sessions.

“Online learning has proven to be a tremendous resource for students who have a busy lifestyle or are unable to attend traditional campus-based programs. CourXams open up access to even more working professionals who need additional college credits or a degree for a job or workplace advancement,” said Lori Hales, Senior Vice President of Institutional Sales, Cengage.

Some of the key features include:

• Portability: a CourXam can be accessed anywhere, anytime on a laptop, iPad, smartphone;

• Personalization: a CourXam gives the learner the opportunity to test out of what they already know so they can focus only on material they need to learn;

• Flexibility: unlike traditional college courses which force the student to engage on a predetermined schedule, with a Courxam, the learner can study lessons when they choose;

• Affordability: the cost for each of the criminal justice CourXams is just $450, which includes all the learning materials, an e book, a full-length practice exam, and the college credit exam.

“This product is the culmination of a unique partnership between Excelsior College’s Center for Educational Measurement, that develops exams for college credit, and Cengage, providers of market-leading textbooks in the collegiate Criminal Justice market.  It required the efforts of some of the leading educational, instructional design and tech experts in the country,” explained Sonnenschein. “We were seeking ways to enhance our exam product by providing a supportive learning environment that maintains the self-directed pace and flexibility that exam takers want; and Cengage was seeking a way to provide high quality, digitally-based, college-level learning materials that could be used by anyone, anywhere, even if they weren’t enrolled in college.”

To learn more about CourXam and its offerings, visit explore.excelsior.edu/courxam.html.


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