HighBeam Business Launches Arrive Prepared, a Business Blog for Sales, Marketing, Finance and Legal Professionals

Arrive Prepared Features Analysis and Opinion about News Coverage on the Latest Industry Trends, Fortune 100 Companies, and More

Chicago, IL,  June 16, 2011 – HighBeam Business, part of Cengage Learning, today announced the launch of its new business blog, “Arrive Prepared,” which features a steady stream of dialog on news coverage of the latest industry trends, Fortune 100 companies, business articles and how-to guides. It aims to be the one-stop blog for sales, marketing, finance and legal professions who need breaking insights to effectively communicate with their clients.   

“When we asked our HighBeam Business community what further service we could provide to them, they told us that the more up-to-date content on trending business topics and analysis of breaking news we could supply, the happier they would be,” said Matt McCloskey, Marketing Director, HighBeam Business. “So here is our new business blog – Arrive Prepared! We’re committed to providing fresh content throughout week and our team of bloggers is keeping up the pace.”

Arrive Prepared covers breaking industry trends, such as the recent post, “Hotel industry trends include using social media marketing,” that talks about the trend towards booking hotel rooms using Facebook. From a number of current articles, it seems that the trend also includes hotels reaching out to customers via Twitter and sharing hotel property videos through YouTube.

Business articles play a prominent role in Arrive Prepared also. For example, a blog post entitled, “Freddie Mac news: best quarterly earnings report in years” summarizes recent media coverage on the unexpected turnaround in earnings after considerable losses in the past six quarters.

Arrive Prepared covers Fortune 100 companies and companies who are infinitely popular, such as the blog post “Groupon news articles focus on competing online coupon sites.” The post highlights how the media is actually writing quite a bit about the competition faced by Groupon, even though it’s the top-of-mind coupon site.

How-to guides on Arrive Prepared include a very informative blog post, “Understanding smart phone wireless technology: CDMA vs GSM.” Articles in the blog post lay out in easy-to-understand language the differences between the two technologies and why people should purchase a phone with one over the over.

The Arrive Prepared blog comes at the request of the thousands of HighBeam Business subscribers who strive to have more impactful business conversations.  HighBeam Business customers are professionals seeking fast, relevant, high-quality results including detailed industry reports, company profiles, contact information, and millions of articles from more than 10,000 publications. HighBeam Business provides professionals with tools to identify key business information, enabling them to make more informed business decisions, create better presentations, identify new opportunities, increase revenues, and close sales.

About Cengage Learning and HighBeam Business

Cengage Learning is a leading provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions for the academic, professional and library markets worldwide. HighBeam Business is the premier business content provider from Cengage Learning, offering business professionals access to credible, published information sources. With more than 10,000 publications including detailed industry  reports, millions of company profiles and executive contact information, HighBeam Business helps professionals around the globe make more informed business decisions, create better presentations, identify new opportunities, increase revenue and close sales. For more information, visit www.cengage.com, www.highbeambusiness.com or http://blog.highbeambusiness.com.

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