Invitation for Innovation: Cengage Learning MindApps™ Partner Program Encourages App & Services Development for Improved Teaching & Learning

Partner program established to support improved learning outcomes through Cengage Learning’s new Personal Learning Experience — MindTap  

Stamford, CT, April 26, 2011 – Cengage Learning, a leading global provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions, today outlined details of MindApps™, a new partner program designed to support the development of apps and services for the MindTap platform. MindTap™, Cengage Learning’s new delivery platform for digital products and services, engages students through interactivity while offering instructors choice in content and learning tools.  Beyond an eBook, course delivery platform or Learning Management System (LMS), MindTap is the first in a new category of Personal Learning Experiences.  Browser-based and cloud delivered, MindTap is device-agnostic  in order to engage students on virtually any platform or device, ensuring complete flexibility and freedom for students, instructors and institutions.

The new MindApps partner program leverages the powerful, extensible web services framework of the MindTap platform to deliver on Cengage Learning’s vision of improving student outcomes through increased engagement. With the framework in place and a robust ecosystem of app partners, MindTap delivers a wide variety of digital learning apps and services that combine Cengage Learning’s leading authoritative content with powerful technology to improve the teaching and learning experience and build a strong user community.  

MindApps are sourced from a broad community of providers, including commercial and non-profit partners, institution- and instructor-provided applications, as well as open community software and content sources.  The MindApps partner program supports the delivery and use of apps to meet specific needs of institutions as well as the instructors and students engaged in the learning experience. Apps may be deployed at the platform level, sold with titles or delivered via a soon to be launched apps marketplace.

“We designed MindTap to be flexible and scalable and are actively looking to partner with our customers, as well as the diverse community of developers and technology or service providers in the education market, to expand our offerings as we strive to improve the teaching and learning experience,” said William Rieders, Executive Vice President, New Media,  Cengage Learning. “In addition to exposure with this growing customer segment, the MindApps Partner Program provides the ability for partners to become integrally involved in an orchestrated learning experience with the inclusion of apps and services in a way that helps students contextually interact with content, as well as with other apps, embedded directly into relevant placements within the learning paths in MindTap.”

Leveraging Cengage Learning’s authoritative content and strong market presence, MindApp partners have the opportunity to reach new customers and increase their revenue through the newly established Partner Program. Many MindTap learning apps are customizable by title and some can be selected and added to the experience by the instructor, while others can be chosen by the student. Examples of initial MindApps partners and available apps for students and instructors include:

  • ConnectYard – a social media communications platform, which integrates into portals and Learning Management Systems to reach students where they live and learn, on their channels of choice.
  • Google Docs – presents instructors and students with easy-to-use tools that allow them to create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and other course content in real-time.
  • Kaltura – allows instructors and students to integrate rich media in the learning experience, providing simple video and audio uploading and recording tools that provide new instructional, testing and engagement opportunities.
  • NetTutor – provides student access to live online tutors who fully grasp the field in which they tutor and foster success by clearly communicating with the student.
  • Readspeaker – accessibility/usability software as a service which reads online text aloud based on customizable life-like voices with user settings such as speed, voice gender, and highlight as you read feature.

 Currently, several institutions are using MindTap, and titles across many disciplines are available for use in fall courses to members of the Early Adopter Program, a selective program available to qualified institutions.

For more information on MindTap, available apps or the MindApps Partner Program, please visit:


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