Textbook Distributor Nebraska Book Company Adopts the EPEG Best Practices to Help Stop Counterfeiting

EPEG Best Practices represent the largest industry action to stop pirated and counterfeit materials

NEW YORK, N.Y. (June 1, 2018) – Cengage, Elsevier, Macmillan Learning, McGraw-Hill Education, and Pearson together with textbook distributors Nebraska Book Company and Nebraska Book Holdings, Inc. (“Nebraska”) announced today that Nebraska is adopting the textbook industry’s Anti-Counterfeit Best Practices developed by the Educational Publishers Enforcement Group (“EPEG”). Nebraska joins a growing number of leading textbook distributors adopting the Best Practices, which were developed as a mechanism to assist publishers and distributors in the eradication of counterfeit textbooks in the marketplace.

“Nebraska Book Company is committed to adopting the Best Practices set by EPEG,” said Jay Amond, CEO, Nebraska Book Company Inc. “It is important to us that we give our customers peace of mind and ensure that they are receiving the authentic product. By working collaboratively with the publishers and our suppliers, together we can stop the distribution of counterfeit textbooks.”

“EPEG is pleased to add another textbook distributor to the effort to stop the proliferation of counterfeit textbooks in the marketplace,” said Matthew Oppenheim, counsel for EPEG. “The number of distributors adopting the Anti-Counterfeit Best Practices has continued to grow.  Nebraska is a welcome addition to the fight against distribution of counterfeit textbooks.”

EPEG Best Practices outline practical actions designed to eliminate counterfeit textbooks from the market. The Best Practices include different steps to aid stakeholders in avoiding counterfeit textbooks and are available at www.stopcounterfeitbooks.com.

The Publishers worked cooperatively through EPEG to achieve Nebraska’s adoption of the Best Practices.

The Anti-Counterfeit Best Practices and information on how to avoid, identify, and report illegal activity can be found at http://www.stopcounterfeitbooks.com.

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