When Words Become Poetry: Celebrate National Poetry Month with Thomson Gale

To help celebrate National Poetry Month, Thomson Gale, part of Thomson Learning, has created Poet’s Corner ( http://www.gale.com/free_resources/poets/), a free Web site of poetry resources to help students, teachers and poetry lovers worldwide get the most out of National Poetry Month. In addition to these free resources, Thomson Gale is offering free trials to all of its databases until Monday, April 16.

The Web site includes a downloadable calendar highlighting key moments throughout poetry’s history, a downloadable screensaver, bookmarks and a unique free poster entitled “When Words Become Poetry” when you trial The Shakespeare Collection, LitFinder or the Poetry For Students eBook. This offer is good until April 15, and supplies of the poster are limited. View the poster at http://www.gale.com/email/images/thatspoetry.jpg.

Biographical information on poets and a poetry quiz also are available on the site. The quiz tests knowledge of significant people and events involved in poetry. For example, after years of being a successful novelist, this writer, at age 58, concentrated on his poetry and his composition The Dynasts: A Drama of the Napoleonic Wars (1904-08), an epic historical drama written in verse, and was hailed as a major poet. Find the answer to this and other quiz questions at http://www.gale.com/free_resources/poets/quiz/.

Browse the biographies of some of the best-known poets throughout history at http://www.gale.com/free_resources/poets/bio, including Robert Frost, William Wordsworth, William Blake and John Keats.

View a timeline of events that traces the poetry movement, from 700 to the present, at http://www.gale.com/free_resources/poets/timeline/.

Educators will find activities that are easily adaptable for classroom use at http://www.gale.com/free_resources/poets/activities/. These activities are designed to help students examine poetry as it relates to different subject areas, such as beauty and identity.

Also included at http://www.gale.com/free_resources/poets/poems/ are popular poems.

Links to additional resources are available at http://www.gale.com/free_resources/poets/links/, including links to The Academy of American Poets, the Poetry Society of America and the American Verse Project, which is assembling an electronic archive of volumes of American poetry published prior to 1920.

Visit your local library in April and throughout the year to access other poetry-focused Thomson Gale resources, such as:

  • American Poetry, 1609-1870 (Primary Source Microfilm)
  • Contemporary Poets (St. James Press)
  • Giants of American Art & Culture – Maya Angelou: America’s Poetic Voice (Blackbirch Press)
  • Literary Companion Series: Robert Frost (Greenhaven Press)
  • Dictionary of Literary Biography: Walt Whitman, A Documentary Volume (Thomson Gale)
  • Poetry for Students (Thomson Gale)
  • Poetry Criticism (Thomson Gale)
  • The Importance Of: Edgar Allan Poe (Lucent Books)
  • The Importance Of: Maya Angelou (Lucent Books)
  • World Poets (Charles Scribner’s Sons)

Bookmark http://www.gale.com/free_resources/poets/ and celebrate National Poetry Month with Thomson Gale.

For more information, contact Vanessa Birch at [email protected].

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