Cengage Learning EMEA joins forces with DigiExam to modernize & improve the testing experience for higher education students and instructors


Software solution enables students to take digital exams simply and securely on their own laptops – saving time, money and improving student performance

Andover, Hampshire UK (October 16, 2015) – To enable greater student engagement, improve classroom outcomes and adapt to the lifestyles of today’s learners, global education company Cengage Learning announced a partnership with DigiExam of Sweden.  Under this partnership, Cengage Learning will be DigiExam’s exclusive agent in the UK and key European markets, as well as South Africa and the Gulf.

Set to bring the examinations process into the 21st century by enabling students to take invigilated exams on their own laptops, or any other device, simply and securely, DigiExam software provides a platform for any exam to be created, taken and assessed digitally – for any subject and in any language – in an easy and time-efficient way. It is totally secure because once the exam has started, the program locks down the device so that the student cannot access the internet or any other documents and can only work on the exam. From a lecturers’ point of view, the program saves all the time and effort associated with deciphering and grading handwritten answers, freeing them up to spend more time working face to face with their students.

New to the market, the product is already used in over 100 schools and higher education institutions (HEIs) around the world, particularly in the Nordic countries where the Stockholm School of Economics, Lund University and Aalto University are customers, among others.

“We are very excited about the opportunities this deal offers to Cengage Learning and our institutional customers,” said Andrew Robinson, Director of Higher Education at Cengage Learning, EMEA. “DigiExam is a fantastic product which enables higher education institutions to be more efficient and innovative, whilst also improving their students’ experience. This cutting-edge technology not only complements perfectly our own offerings, but also further extends our reach and presence across entire institutions in the higher education space where we already enjoy a significant footprint led by MindTap, Cengage Learning’s digital learning solution.”

While there are several digital propositions available for formative and summative assessment during a course, when it comes to the high stakes final exams, students are usually forced to jettison the technology they are familiar with and instead pick up a pen to write their answers down on paper.

DigiExam’s co-founder and CEO Johan Hägglund developed the software having himself experienced the frustration of having to think linearly when writing long exams with pen and paper when he was a student.

“As well as having awful handwriting and frequently getting a cramp during an exam, when it came to re-thinking and re-structuring an answer I found it easier to be on my laptop,” he said. “At the same time as helping students, the product also saves lecturers’ time on creating, correcting and giving feedback.  It also makes it possible for professors working in different countries to feed into the creation of an exam with a simple click from any location.

“The software was developed in conjunction with end users and we have worked hard to cover every possible scenario, focussing particularly on reliability and security, so that schools and HEIs can feel safe about moving into the digital era.

“We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Cengage Learning. Combining experience with cutting edge technology, we complement each other very well and are perfectly placed to help schools in their desire to move to fully digital environments.” 

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