Aplia’s Online Learning Solution Celebrates Proven Success, Value With More Than 375 Million Answers Submitted

Students and Professors Tout Benefits of Effective Homework System; Students Answer an Average of 430 Questions Each Semester

Aplia, a division of Cengage Learning, surpassed a huge milestone this week when a student submitted the 375 millionth answer through the web-based, interactive homework system. This landmark further demonstrates Aplia’s effectiveness as a tool for success that encourages students to practice homework regularly, providing ongoing feedback and hard deadlines, with the added motivation of improving students’ course grades.

“Both my students and I have been very pleased with Aplia this semester,” said Roger Kaufman, a professor at Smith College, Northampton, Mass. “A majority of both the better students and the weaker students like it. More importantly, the median grade on my first exam was higher than it has ever been, and many fewer students received D’s and F’s. I intend to use Aplia when I teach the course again, and I have recommended it to many of my colleagues.”

Part of what makes Aplia a comprehensive learning system is its ability to anticipate the needs of students. Some of the key components to Aplia are addressing student deficiencies in prerequisite material and providing real-world examples of course concepts. Aplia is an especially strong learning solution for weaker students – ensuring they have the tools to practice regularly with feedback on each question and the benefit of being offered multiple attempts on questions to ensure students are learning course concepts.

“Overall I thought that Aplia was very helpful,” said Jonathan Cormack, a student at Normandale Community College, Bloomington, Minn. “The homework was helpful in learning the material. I can personally say that the chapters that I did my Aplia homework on were typically the chapters that I got better scores on the tests.”

Aplia is a proven success, with more than 800,000 students and 2,700 professors at 850 institutions using the system to administer more than 11,000 courses since its inception.

Originally, Aplia was developed as an economics homework solution by a professor to ensure his students were putting effort into the course regularly, without increasing his own paper flow and grading burden. The program’s benefits were quickly realized by instructors around the country as Aplia began changing the way college-level economics was taught. Last year, Aplia created a new custom-learning solution for finance courses, which will be followed by the introduction this fall of solutions for business statistics, business communication and accounting courses.

About Aplia Inc.

Aplia, part of Cengage Learning, is a web-based learning solution that enables professors to easily incorporate two key teaching elements: frequent online homework that is automatically graded and provides instant feedback, and relating course work to the real world through current events, experiments, and real scenario-based assignments. The result is better-prepared students, more effective use of class time, enhanced discussions, and more in-depth learning. For more information on Aplia’s Accounting, Business Statistics, Business Communication, Economics, or Finance courses, visit www.aplia.com.

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