Aplia Announces New Homework Solution for Accounting Students

Aplia, an online homework system that improves learning by increasing student effort, engagement, and course preparation, is excited to announce its new solution for accounting. This homework system will become Aplia’s fourth discipline, following economics, finance, and business statistics.

“This is a very exciting time at Aplia, as we apply what we’ve learned from helping more than 500,000 students learn economics and extend it into many new disciplines,” said Paul Romer, Stanford Professor and founder of Aplia. “We have already helped students in finance, we are well underway with business statistics, and it is great to announce that accounting is next.”

Aplia decided to embark upon the accounting discipline after learning that professors face many obstacles when teaching their courses, including trying to get their students to regularly practice what they learn. Aplia’s new product will help students practice accounting in an interactive and engaging manner, confront their deficiencies in course prerequisites, and ensure they grasp the skills and concepts presented in their textbooks, all without increasing professors’ workloads.

All Aplia products provide instructors with the ability to deliver online, interactive, auto-graded assignments, ensuring that students put forth quality effort on a regular basis. Aplia offers different types of content for each course area, including problem sets with detailed feedback and tutorials that help students overcome deficiencies in necessary prerequisite subjects.

Aplia first developed materials for economics courses in 2002, and has since expanded its offerings to include finance, business statistics, and accounting. Aplia recently passed the 500,000-student milestone and is now looking at developing online homework products for additional academic subjects.

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About Aplia Inc.

Founded in 2000 by renowned economist Paul Romer, Aplia Inc. is built upon the premise that “student effort is the key determinant in student success.” Aplia is a collection of Web-based tools that enables professors to easily incorporate two key teaching elements: frequent online homework that is automatically tracked and graded and active learning such as experiments and current events. The result is better-prepared students, more effective use of class time, enhanced discussions, and more in-depth learning. Aplia is headquartered in San Carlos, California.

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