Aplia Increases Student Engagement and Leads to Better Outcomes

Independent Efficacy Study Shows Cengage Learning’s Online Homework Tool Benefits Students and Instructors

Boston, MA, May 5, 2014 — College students using Cengage Learning’s Aplia online homework tool were more engaged, received better grades and developed better workplace-ready skills than students who did not use the tool, according to an independent efficacy study conducted for Cengage Learning by Project Tomorrow, a national education nonprofit organization. The study also demonstrated benefits for instructors including improved personal productivity.

“At Cengage Learning we are committed to transforming learning with tailored technology solutions that accelerate student engagement, as we believe engagement is the foundation of learning,” said Jim Donohue, chief product officer, Cengage Learning. “Our goal is to build products that not only engage and delight students and instructors, but increase learning. This study affirms we are well on our way to achieving those goals.”

According to the study, which looked at introductory psychology courses, both students and instructors credited the use of Aplia with increasing student engagement and the achievement of significant learning outcomes. Students who had access to Aplia earned higher final grades than students who did not have access to the tool – Aplia students’ average GPA was 2.86 compared to a 2.22 for non-Aplia students, and almost twice as many Aplia students received an “A” grade than non-Aplia students. Additionally, both instructors and students identified and valued the role of Aplia in supporting the development of vital workplace ready skills such as critical thinking and understanding how to connect academic knowledge to real world situations. Critical thinking and applied knowledge are among the key workplace skills valued by employers according to a recent report by the Association of American College and Universities.

Professors also benefitted directly from the use of Aplia – the auto-grading aspects of the tool and the ease at which they could organize homework assignments helped increase their productivity. Overall, 80 percent of instructors would recommend Aplia to a peer; noteworthy feedback as professors are typically reluctant to recommend technology-based products. The complete survey results are available online here.

Aplia is an award-winning product that helps students understand subjects through compelling content, engagement activities, and thought-provoking questions. Aplia content is offered in select MindTap courses this fall. MindTap is an online personal learning experience that combines readings, multimedia, activities, and assessments into a singular Learning Path, while offering instructors customization opportunities.

For more information about Aplia, visit http://www.aplia.com/. For more information about MindTap, visit http://www.cengage.com/mindtap.

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