Built Around the Learnflow of Today’s Students, Cengage Learning Introduces 4LTR Press Online

Extensive student research inspires digital innovation to engage users and prime students for success

Boston, MA, January 6, 2015 — To create a digital education solution that measures up to the tried-and-true pedagogy of the printed textbook, we must first understand student learnflow – workflow behind learning. Today, 4LTR Press, part of Cengage Learning, introduced 4LTR Press Online, a digital learning solution built around student learnflow that provides personalized study and assessment functionality. Optimized for use on computers and all mobile devices, the digital solution provides students with the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere. 4LTR Press Online will be available in Fall 2015 for introductory marketing and psychology courses, and will be offered at the same low-cost price point whether purchasing alone or bundled with the print version.

“Print textbooks have been successful for hundreds of years because of their scope and sequence, and the pedagogy and convenience that they provide – but often that scope and sequence gets lost in digital products,” said Neil Marquardt, vice president, general manager, 4LTR Press. “At Cengage Learning, we’re squarely focused on the needs of the today’s students. The 4LTR Press Online experience redefines digital learning and addresses the tension of scope and sequence based on input and product testing with students. We understand that everyone learns in different ways. That’s why we constantly gather feedback to ensure that our products evolve with today’s students so they’re engaged and primed for success.”

4LTR Press Online uses a two-pathway approach to learning to include the pedagogy of a printed textbook and the concept mapping and functionality of an Internet search engine. To render the results of the printed textbook, 4LTR Press Online was designed to ensure that end-users are always aware of their place within the text. Major headings are provided easily in the front of each section so that students can navigate the text as easy as the flip of a page. Research indicated that while reading and studying, students regularly refer to search engines for reference, which can provide resources that may be factually inaccurate. To address this, the second pathway uses a process called proactive indexing, where all digital assets – including videos, images, text and quiz questions – have a specific concept tag that connects elements within the solution similar to the way a search engine serves up websites based on search terms. This pathway lets students find related content through searches in the product, while remaining aligned with course goals.

Additionally, concept tagging drives the StudyBitsTM and StudyBoardTM features that allow students to personalize their study activities. Created to directly correlate with the learnflow of student end-users, this feature provides students with the tools necessary to successfully study and understand concepts in a digital environment. While navigating the chapter, students can collect bit of information, such as content, media and pictures, to create personalized StudyBits. These collected bits of information are sent to their StudyBoard, where students can filter StudyBits by understanding, concept tags and category to help them organize throughout study. To ensure full comprehension, within the StudyBoard students can use their collected information to create flashcards and take custom StudyBit or pre-populated chapter quizzes.

4LTR Press Online will be offered at a price point that is typically less than half the price of a traditional print textbook and will be available for the same price whether purchasing in print, digital or a bundle. Since its inception in 2007, Cengage Learning and 4LTR Press have put students at the center of product development process using surveys, discipline-specific focus groups, conversations, and on-campus and virtual events. Click here to read more about the creation of Cengage Learning’s 4LTR Press and how student feedback has shaped 4LTR Press Online.

For more information, please visit www.cengage.com/4LTRpress.

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