Cengage Learning Adds Offline E-Reader Capabilities to MindTap Mobile App

Students can download entire textbook to smartphone in 10 seconds or less

BOSTON, Aug. 24, 2016 — Cengage Learning today announced additional features for its MindTap Mobile app, including offline e-reader capabilities, the most requested function by students.  Available on iOS and Android smartphones, the enhanced app provides access to Cengage Learning’s flagship digital learning platform, MindTap, which helps to increase engagement and improve outcomes.

Available in more than 50 disciplines this fall, the e-reader function allows students to download their entire textbook to their smartphone in ten seconds or less.  Once downloaded, students can highlight, make notes, search and bookmark the reading material, regardless of whether they are connected to the internet or working offline.  In addition to e-reader capabilities, the MindTap Mobile app provides organizational tools, study materials and push notifications to help students stay on track.

“Offline learning capabilities help to ensure that students who don’t have consistent access to the internet aren’t at a disadvantage when it comes to their education,” said Jim Donohue, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Cengage Learning.  “Our goal is to create confident learners through an engaging experience that conveniently fits into students’ lifestyles. This upgrade is a direct response to students telling us what they need to succeed.”

In addition to the offline e-reader capabilities, other MindTap Mobile app enhancements include:

  • Mastered Flashcards: Students can sort and filter flashcards to indicate proficiencies, as well as areas that need improvement.
  • Upgraded Practice Quizzes: Encourages students to apply concepts, test their knowledge and track their progression in order to build confidence.
  • Improved Notifications: Instructors can communicate directly with students via their smartphones with course notifications, due date reminders and personalized messages.

“I work full time at night and am a full time student during the day, so the MindTap Mobile app helps me stay on track as I balance my education, career and family commitments,” said Rodney Douglas, student at Texas Southern University.  “I have my phone with me at all times, so I can learn whenever, wherever and however I want.”

The MindTap Mobile app is free to download with purchase of a MindTap product.  Additional updates and features will be added in the coming months, including gradebook and video viewing capabilities.  Learn more at www.cengage.com/MindTap.


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