Cengage Learning Helps Students ‘Master’ Their Studies with Digital Homework Solutions

CourseMaster’s homework tools engage students and improve learning outcomes

Cengage Learning, a leading global provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions, is now offering CourseMaster as part of its CengageCourse suite of digital offerings. CourseMaster provides a portfolio of digital homework solutions that improve student outcomes through enhanced mastery of the curriculum.

According to a recent Cengage Learning/Eduventures survey, “Instructors and Students: Technology Use, Engagement and Learning Outcomes,” three-quarters of instructors think that student engagement has improved as the use of digital tools has increased. In addition, 58 percent of students believe that technology helps them to engage with coursework and learn. The digital homework tools within the CourseMaster suite of solutions help address this demand.

“We understand that not all students learn the same way at the same pace,” said William Rieders, Executive Vice President, Global New Media for Cengage Learning. “The homework solutions available through CourseMaster were designed to assess how well students are grasping concepts and allow instructors to tailor their course materials and teaching styles throughout the term. This, in turn, increases overall engagement and improves learning outcomes.”

CourseMaster’s assignable and gradable homework solutions support student learning outside of the classroom to better prepare students for class. CourseMaster includes a variety of well-known tools, including:

  • Aplia: a comprehensive assignable homework solution that provides students with premium, automatically graded assignments with detailed feedback and explanations relating coursework to the real world through current events, experiments and assignments based on real scenarios. Originally developed as an economics homework solution, Aplia is available for more than 130 titles in 25 course areas and has supported nearly 20 million user sessions in the last 12 months at more than 1,700 institutions.
  • Online Web-based Learning (OWL): the leading online chemistry homework solutions tool. OWL promotes student mastery and saves instructors time assigning and grading homework. Developed and fine-tuned by chemistry instructors over the past decade, OWL gives students the resources they need to study chemistry at their own pace and has already helped hundreds of thousands of students visualize chemical concepts, improve their problem-solving skills and earn better grades.
  • Skills Assessment Manager (SAM): the premier proficiency-based assessment and training environment for Microsoft Office. SAM’s reliable web-based software and inviting user interface provide maximum teaching and learning flexibility. The solution builds students’ skills and confidence with a variety of real-life simulations, and prepares students for today’s workplace. SAM has helped instructors grade more than 40 million student exams and 4.5 million projects to-date.

CourseMaster’s digital solutions are customizable and provide instructors support to measure student learning, including quizzing features, exams and grading tools, along with detailed reporting options. CourseMaster solutions provide instant feedback, enabling instructors to understand how well students comprehend concepts, allowing them to adjust lessons in order to improve learning outcomes. In addition, these solutions automate administrative tasks, which frees up time for instructors to focus more on teaching.

CourseMaster is part of Cengage Learning’s overall digital platform called CengageCourse, a suite of digital solutions and services that improves student engagement and learning outcomes, helping students, instructors and academic institutions navigate the changing education landscape.

For more information on CourseMaster and details on the full suite of solutions, please visit www.cengage.com.

About Cengage Learning

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