Cengage Learning Introduces CourseReader, a Customized, Digital Collection for the Classroom

Academic reader allows instructors to easily create customized course materials by offering access to thousands of primary and secondary sources at a low price point for students

Cengage Learning, a leading global provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions, today introduced CourseReader, a customized, digital collection of content assets for the classroom, further strengthening its CengageCourse suite of digital learning products and services. CourseReader leverages Cengage Learning’s Gale databases, including its authoritative reference content and full-text magazine and newspaper articles. The product offers instructors thousands of articles and historical documents, including both primary and secondary sources, specific to their discipline, all in one location. Instructors select a series of materials from these databases for their courses, which are then compiled into an online collection for their students to access, replacing traditional printed readers.

“Through our unique position within both the library and classroom markets, Cengage Learning is providing integrated learning solutions that bridge from the library to the classroom,” said William Rieders, Executive Vice President, New Media, Cengage Learning. “CourseReader is one example of this innovation, showing how we can leverage our trusted library databases to make learning materials customizable, in easy-to-use formats at affordable price points.”

Instructors create their customized CourseReader collection by searching the database by author, title or keyword and selecting from the vast collection of material available.  Many selections begin with an introduction and finish with critical thinking or multiple choice questions to help students understand and analyze what they’ve read. Instructors can also highlight or make notations on the readings online to help guide their students as they read.

CourseReader is a great value for students, whether purchased in conjunction with other Cengage Learning course materials or as a stand-alone product. Students log into a website where they can view the assigned material. In addition, to meet the needs of students who prefer to learn in various formats, many readings can be listened to immediately online, downloaded as MP3 files, or printed.

“After using text readers for two years, I have switched to CourseReader and will never look back. Cengage has done a magnificent job in creating banks of materials that spread across the entire discipline with a mix of historical documents, current journal articles, and photographs and videos,” said William J. Miller, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Southeast Missouri State University. “The ability to match CourseReader selections to my teaching allows me the flexibility of adding material that is not covered in the textbook.”

Currently, CourseReader is available for the following courses: Western Civilization, World History, U.S. History, American Government, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Introduction to Literature with additional courses including Introduction to Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, American Literature, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Writing Across the Curriculum, and Argument to be available in early 2011.

CourseReader is the latest Cengage Learning product to capitalize on the company’s unique ability to bring Gale’s authoritative library reference content into the classroom following other successful and innovative products such as The Watch and Career Transitions.

CourseReader is a CourseMate product, a core component of the CengageCourse suite of digital solutions and services that improve student engagement and learning outcomes, helping instructors and academic institutions navigate the changing education landscape. CourseMate is an integrated, web-based solution that includes features such as an interactive eTextbook, multimedia resources, flashcards and quizzes with tracking features for use in higher education courses across all disciplines. In addition, CengageCourse includes CourseMaster, assignable, gradable homework solutions, and Course360, comprehensive online course solutions aimed at addressing the unique needs of customers.

For more information, please see: http://www.cengage.com/coursereader and http://www.cengage.com/cengagecourse/.

About Cengage Learning

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