Cengage Learning Survey: Impact of an Election Year on Students, Political Science Instructors and Course Materials

Ninety Percent of Surveyed Instructors Say Students Are More Involved In Election Year

Cengage Learning, a leading higher education publisher, today revealed instructor insight on how political science courses are taught during an election year, including changes in student engagement and differences in teaching styles. The online survey polled 2,000 instructors who teach political science at 4-year universities and community colleges across the country.

Notable data from the survey follows:

  • An overwhelming majority of instructors surveyed, 90 percent, said they think an election year changes the level of involvement of their students.
  • More than three-fourths of instructors said students are more interested in political science during an election year.
  • Nearly two-thirds of instructors said they think the amount of attention politicians place on younger audiences affects student involvement in political science courses.
  • More than 78 percent said they think the amount of attention the media places on politics during an election year affects student involvement in political science courses.
  • One-third of instructors surveyed said they relied on political Web sites and blogs more often as a classroom supplement during an election year. More than 18 percent said the same for newspapers.

For full survey results, please visit http://www.cengage.com/trends/. For more information, please contact Lindsay Brown at [email protected].

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