Cengage Learning to Highlight Expanded Institutional Offerings at EDUCAUSE 2015

Interactive Booth Demonstrations to Include Student-Centric Mobile Technology, Learning Objects’ Difference Engine

BOSTON, Oct. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Cengage Learning will be highlighting its expanded institutional offerings at EDUCAUSE 2015 in Indianapolis, including the company’s student-centric mobile products and the recent acquisition of the education technology company Learning Objects.

This year’s theme—Recharge with Cengage Learning—focuses on best practices in implementing education technology and student involvement.  Chief Technology Officer George Moore will speak to data-driven decision-making, with booth demos of the recently-launched MindTap Mobile and 4LTR Press Online. In addition, Learning Objects General Manager Derek Hamner and Chief Learning Officer Jon Mott, Ph.D., will discuss how the company provides customizable learning solutions for institutions and publishing partners. A complete schedule of events is below.

Cengage Learning continues to expand its institutional offerings from course solutions to a full-service online program experience.  Last month, the company announced the acquisition of Learning Objects, which powers innovative, customized and adaptive learning programs and courses to higher education institutions through its state-of-the-art, content-agnostic next generation digital learning environment and instructional design services. With Learning Objects, institutions are able to quickly create both competency-based and traditional online programs and courses integrating publisher content, open educational resources, faculty content and other ed tech vendors’ tools.  Learning Objects continues to serve as a preferred technology partner for publishers seeking new and innovative content delivery solutions.

Cengage Learning is committed to providing student end-users with personalized education experiences that engage and prime them for success. Through the use of extensive research and student feedback, the company creates learning solutions that increase student success rates and enable them to take an active role in their learning. For example, partnerships with Student Voice, an entirely student-run organization that empowers students to have a greater voice in their education, and 21 Voices, which focuses on gaining real-life insights from students about how they learn and what they need to be most successful, illustrate how Cengage Learning is putting the student at the center of education innovation.

Cengage Learning’s award-winning MindTap is a course-based digital learning environment that integrates reading, homework, quizzing, multi-media assets and more into an engaging, pedagogically sound learning experience for students. Recent efficacy studies conducted by independent research firms found that students using the MindTap digital learning solution achieved significantly higher grades across a number of disciplines.

MindTap Mobile, compatible with iOS and Android, helps on-the-go students stay organized, optimize small pockets of study time and interact directly with their instructor.  This elevated connectivity allows for improved student workflow, greater customization and more visibility into individual progress.  MindTap Mobile was developed based on direct feedback from students about what they want and need to be successful in their courses outside of the classroom. Thousands of students were surveyed to provide input on what would be most useful in a mobile app.

4LTR Press Online is a fully mobile and responsive digital learning solution built around students’ “learnflow” – the workflow behind learning. Developed with extensive student research, 4LTR Press Online uses a two-pathway approach to learning that includes the pedagogy of a printed textbook and the concept mapping and functionality of an Internet search engine. 4LTR Press Online was designed to ensure that students are always aware of their place within the text, and intuitively navigate to the content they need. Research indicated that while reading and studying, students regularly refer to search engines for reference. To address this, the second pathway leverages conceptual metadata, where all digital assets – including videos, images, text and quiz questions – have a specific tag that connects elements within the solution similar to the way a search engine serves up websites based on search terms.  This pathway lets students find related content through searches in the product, while remaining aligned with course goals. 4LTR Press Online gives students the power to study and learn whenever, wherever and however they prefer.

Cengage Learning’s booth is 1310. A complete schedule is below.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

*All Times Eastern


Charging Ahead with Data: How Cengage Learning uses Data to Drive Decision-Making

George Moore, Chief Technology Officer


Charging Ahead: How Learning Objects Provides Customized Learning Solutions for Institutions and Publishing Partners


In Charge of Training at your Campus? How Cengage Learning’s LMS Integration Resources can Support your Faculty


Get Charged Up: Increasing Communication, Engagement and Outcomes through Mobile


Thursday, October 29, 2015

*All Times Eastern


A Competency-Aligned, Student-Centric Learning and Transcripting Architecture

Dr. Jon Mott, Learning Objects and Dr. Karen Vignare, UMUC

Meeting Room 241/242


Taking Charge of the Data: Improving Course Outcomes in Real-Time with                                   Technology


Leading the Charge: How the Student Voice Impacts and Addresses Institutional                          Challenges


Recharging Student-Driven Education: 4LTR Online Kicks up Student-Driven                               Technology


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