Cengage Learning’s 4LTR Press Marks Three Years of Improving Classroom Engagement

Innovative learning solution has helped one million college students succeed at 1,500 schools worldwide

Three years ago, Cengage Learning, a leading global provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions, introduced 4LTR Press, a revolutionary approach to teaching and learning to help increase students’ classroom engagement and learning outcomes. Since the launch, 4LTR Press has helped more than 1,000,000 college students at over 1,500 schools succeed worldwide. 4LTR Press is a mix of print and digital learning tools that offers information in formats students find engaging at an affordable price point, while still providing the same, high quality content instructors need.

Cengage Learning’s 4LTR Press print textbooks offer full course content in a more visually engaging experience with pull-out review cards, and digital components, such as interactive eBook, auto-graded quizzing, flashcards, and games. 4LTR Press solutions are developed through ongoing market research with students on their learning preferences through focus groups, surveys, and user feedback. The resulting solution is then approved by faculty to ensure all key content and concepts meet course objectives and accreditation standards. 4LTR Press solutions are available for almost 50 courses, spanning the disciplines of Business & Computers, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Mathematics & Sciences, and are continually updated to incorporate new student and instructor feedback.

“By listening to students and instructors, we were able to evolve the traditional textbook to be more in line with the way students learn best, while still delivering the same high quality content instructors rely on,” said Neil Marquardt, Director, 4LTR Press at Cengage Learning. “To date, 4LTR Press has been a huge success, and we are continuing to add new course subjects on an ongoing basis to ensure it reaches and benefits as many students and instructors as possible.”

In addition to increasing engagement, 4LTR Press was also created with the student budget in mind. 4LTR Press research shows that forty-five percent of students purchase textbooks with their own money. 4LTR Press combines its digital and print components as a standard package, and is sold at a value-based price that is often half the price of most traditional textbooks, saving students approximately $50,000,000 in just three years.

A survey conducted in summer 2010 further reinforces the success of 4LTR Press. 76% of surveyed 4LTR Press faculty users said they saw improved student engagement or better grades in their classroom from the previous year and textbook; 92% said they would recommend 4LTR Press to a colleague.

To listen to a recent podcast with Neil Marquardt about 4LTR Press, please visit Cengage Learning’s Engaging Today’s Classroom Podcast Series. For more information and statistics on 4LTR Press, visit www.cengage.com/4ltrpress.

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