Cengage Learning’s Course360 Provides Rich Online Course Experience

Comprehensive online course solutions help schools reach broader array of students with quality content and services, improve learning outcomes

Cengage Learning, a leading global provider of print and digital teaching, learning and research solutions, is offering a rich online course experience for higher education with its new Course360 solution. Course360 moves the classroom online using a professionally developed and configurable course curriculum, rich media, pedagogy and assessment. Unlike any other online educational program, Course360 offers an outcomes-focused, turnkey solution that can be deployed as-is or easily adapted to an instructor’s curriculum.

Created by instructional designers and subject matter experts, Course360 features are grounded in best practices of online education and the approaches instructors and students most prefer. For online or hybrid courses, Course360 offers the opportunity to customize the format, look and content, and each course includes access to an eTextbook or print textbook as well as links to additional materials and resources. Adding to the flexibility of Course360, all courses are interoperable within all major learning management systems.

This innovative online course solution will help schools reach a broader array of students with quality content and services designed to improve learning outcomes. Today, more than 60 courses in five full program areas are currently available, including Business, Criminal Justice, General Education, Graphics and Medical Reimbursement and Coding. More courses across a range of discipline areas are being developed with approximately 70 additional courses expected in 2011.

Key benefits of Course360 include:

  • Engagement—Course360 engages all types of learners. Each course within the program draws students into the subject matter using a broad array of multimedia resources, including animations, games, simulations, podcasts and dynamic self-assessments. Course360 also encourages collaboration and interaction through graded and non-graded discussions, team projects and the option for Web 2.0 activities, such as blogs and wikis.
  • Customization—With Course360, instructors can design and customize every aspect of their online course, including format, look and content. Course development services are also available if instructors wish to design courses and content from the ground up; they can also edit courses or add their own content at any time.
  • Outcomes-Based Learning with Measurable Results—All Course360 content is mapped to specific student outcomes. For ease of use and flexibility, every course is accompanied by a design document that clearly outlines how Course360 content and assessments support each outcome. This makes it easy for instructors to document for accreditation purposes.

“Today’s instructors and students are demanding flexible learning solutions, coupled with quality content, so they can teach and learn on their own terms, at their own pace and, increasingly, in their own environment,” said William Rieders, executive vice president, Global New Media for Cengage Learning. “Course360 responds to these needs by supporting a variety of learning styles and fostering a collaborative online environment in which ideas can be shared and concepts learned.”

Rieders continued, “Course360 is more than just an online course solution; it is a rich online experience designed to meet particular outcomes and is therefore, by definition a more effective learning experience.”

Course360 is a core component of CengageCourse, a suite of digital solutions and services that improves student engagement and learning outcomes. In addition to Course360, the CengageCourse suite includes CourseMate, an integrated, web-based solution that includes an interactive eTextbook, multimedia resources, flashcards and quizzes, and CourseMaster, assignable, gradable homework solutions. Cengage Learning also provides hands-on training, service and advice through its unique CourseCare program.

For more information on Course360, please visit http://www.cengage.com/course360.

About Cengage Learning

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