Cengage Learning’s CourseCare Provides Enhanced Support and Training on Digital Solutions

CourseCare provides flexible training options to prepare instructors to use technology in their courses—from the first day through the final exam

To support the use of educational technology, Cengage Learning, a leading global provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions, has created CourseCare, a customizable service and training program that accompanies the CengageCourse suite of digital products and services. CourseCare connects instructors to new tools and teaching ideas that help engage and challenge students and, ultimately, deliver improved learning outcomes and academic success.

“Increasingly, instructors and students are seeking support and training in order to ensure that the use of educational technology is most effective in improving learning outcomes,” said William Rieders, Executive Vice President, Global New Media for Cengage Learning. “CourseCare helps instructors find the right digital solution for their individual needs and provides flexible training options to help them use these tools to their fullest potential. Supporting CengageCourse solutions, which are designed to increase both engagement and learning outcomes, CourseCare enables schools, instructors and students to maximize their digital investment.”

Cengage Learning’s recent survey, “Instructors and Students: Technology Use, Engagement and Learning Outcomes,” underscores the need for increased support and training on digital tools. For example, while 65 percent of instructors surveyed think students are tech savvy about digital tools in the classroom, 58 percent of students indicated that they would like more support around educational technology. CourseCare is helping to close this gap by providing one-on-one service for instructors, ensuring an unparalleled customer experience that is customized to meet their individual implementation and training needs.

“To maximize the value and benefits we provide to both students and instructors, Cengage Learning has made a significant investment in building this new support program,” said Rich Foley, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Cengage Learning. “We have organized CourseCare to seamlessly align sales and support functions making the process of using and implementing CengageCourse solutions as easy, effective and efficient as possible.”

Through its team of highly skilled training and service consultants, CourseCare helps instructors through the duration of a course. Digital solutions managers and sales representatives consult with instructors to help them select the right digital solution for their classroom. Service and training consultants provide instructors with flexible, customizable training, and digital solutions coordinators partner with each instructor to offer ongoing service and support throughout a course, as needed.

Specifically, CourseCare provides:

Implementation Support

  • Guidance in finding the right solution for a course and setting up an account
  • Assistance in setting up a course and assignments
  • Assurance that the product is available in the bookstore in the appropriate formats and quantities
  • Detailed reporting on student activation and usage over the term

Training for Digital Solutions

  • Onsite training for instructors and adjuncts when possible.
  • Scheduled online training seminars
  • Access to all training materials including user manuals and online flash demos
  • Student training through First Class In Service activities when available and student access to all student user manuals
  • Follow up to ensure instructors are getting the most value out of each solution

Ongoing Technology Support Services

  • Announcements providing relevant news related to any technical issues
  • Keyword searchable for answers to common issues
  • Documentation including downloadable resources and support documents
  • Chat service available 24 hours a day for customers to connect with support
  • Connect live via phone to a technical support representative during business hours
  • All emails are answered by a representative within 24 hours

CourseCare is available for all CengageCourse solutions, including CourseMate, an integrated, Web-based solution that includes interactive eTextbooks, multimedia resources, flashcards and quizzes; CourseMaster, assignable, gradable homework solutions such as Aplia, OWL and SAM; and Course360, comprehensive online course solutions.

For more information on CourseCare, visit www.cengage.com/coursecare.

About Cengage Learning

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