Cengage Learning’s CourseMate Improves Student Engagement, Enables Faculty to Assess Student Effort and Involvement

Web-based solution complements traditional learning with interactive eTextbook, multimedia resources, flashcards, quizzes and Engagement Tracker—first-of-a-kind tool that monitors student engagement

Cengage Learning, a leading global provider of print and digital teaching, learning and research solutions, is offering CourseMate, an integrated, web-based solution that includes an interactive eTextbook, multimedia resources, flashcards and quizzes for use in higher education courses across all disciplines. CourseMate also includes Engagement Tracker, a first-of-a-kind tool that monitors engagement and allows instructors to assess students’ participation and time-on-task in an easy-to-use interface. When used as part of a curriculum, this solution improves student engagement and allows faculty to assess student effort and involvement. This fall, CourseMate solutions will be used in classes including more than 300,000 students nationwide.

CourseMate is part of Cengage Learning’s broader strategy to continuously provide superior content and solutions that match individual learning preferences, foster better learning outcomes and better prepare students for class. CourseMate provides instructors with the reporting tools needed to track student engagement, while students can access interactive study tools in a dynamic, online learning environment. CourseMate complements course content with study and practice materials and has a simple, user-friendly interface.

“With its interactive features, proprietary Engagement Tracker, advanced materials and affordable price point, CourseMate is truly a unique and highly valuable solution that is unrivalled in the industry,” said William Rieders, Executive Vice President, New Media for Cengage Learning. “CourseMate is able to address the needs of today’s students and instructors by bringing course concepts to life with interactive learning and study and exam preparation tools that support traditional textbook learning. Students experience enhanced learning and comprehension, while instructors benefit by being able to assess engagement and involvement and respond accordingly. CourseMate is really a first-of-a-kind solution and we’re delighted that more than 300,000 students will benefit from its use this fall.”

Specifically, CourseMate includes:

  • Engagement Tracker—a Web-based reporting and tracking tool that allows instructors to monitor students’ use of course material and assess their engagement and preparation. This intuitive online reporting tool makes it easy for instructors to evaluate use of study resources, monitor time-on-task and track progress for the entire class or for individual students. It also allows instructors to instantly see what concepts are the most difficult for their class and identify which students are at risk throughout the semester.
  • Interactive Teaching and Learning Tools—a variety of integrated digital media customized to the textbook. The teaching and learning tools vary from book to book and include, for example: quizzes, flashcards, videos, online games and glossaries.
  • Enhanced eBook—an advanced eBook that provides students with an interactive, online-only version of the print textbook. The enhanced eBook includes: bookmarking, text highlighting, note taking, image zoom, rollover text that displays definitions, notes, search results, highlighted search terms, enhanced search capabilities, and video and audio integration.

CourseMate is a core component of CengageCourse, a suite of digital solutions and services that improve student engagement and learning outcomes, helping instructors and academic institutions navigate the changing education landscape. In addition to CourseMate, CengageCourse includes CourseMaster, assignable, gradable homework solutions, and Course360, comprehensive online course solutions aimed at addressing the unique needs of our customers.

For more information on CourseMate, please visit www.cengage.com/coursemate

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