Multiple Studies Agree: Students Using MindTap have Higher Success Rates and Engagement Levels

Independent Efficacy Studies Find Students Using Cengage Learning’s MindTap Achieve Significantly Higher Results Across Disciplines

Boston, MA —June 9, 2015—Recent efficacy studies report that college students who use Cengage Learning’s MindTap digital learning solution achieved significantly higher grades across a number of disciplines. Three national, semester-long studies conducted by independent research firms MarketingWorks and SEG Measurement examined the extent to which the use of MindTap improves students’ knowledge and skills, compared to a control group of students that used the same textbooks and other technology-learning supports but did not use MindTap.

“The MindTap personal learning experience is a tremendous tool for improving students’ retention and understanding of course materials,” said Jim Donohue, chief product officer, Cengage Learning. “The results of three recent studies demonstrate the impact MindTap has to empower students to achieve higher levels of learning. Through MindTap’s multifaceted platform which includes the use of assessments, activities and multimedia functions, students are experiencing higher levels of engagement with their course material — ultimately leading to greater academic success.”

“There is a clear connection between those who are doing very well in the class and those who are enrolled in MindTap. They are paying better attention to deadlines and planning better for their semester. Those using MindTap regularly are definitely more engaged,” said Susannah Chewning, Senior Professor, Union County College.

Highlights from the studies are included below (titles link to white papers for full results):

  • Rich Digital Primary Source Sets and Intuitive Courseware Increase Student Engagement and Outcomes in U.S. History
    • Students in U.S. History classes using MindTap achieved significantly better course grades than students in classes using the same textbooks and other digital resources but without MindTap. Students using MindTap for U.S. History received 32% more A’s and more than 35% less D’s and F’s than those not using MindTap.
    • All instructors who used the student tracking tool, Progress Report, felt that it helped them understand students’ strengths and weaknesses.
    • Approximately two-thirds of students who used MindTap recommended it for students taking the course in the future.
  • Engaging Students with MindTap Leads to Success: A Study of MindTap in post-secondary College Success, Criminal Justice, Medical Terminology and Psychology Courses
    • Instructors overwhelmingly agreed that MindTap increased student engagement, learning and critical thinking:
      • 84% said that MindTap contributed to student learning.
      • 78% said that it contributed to improvement in students’ critical thinking skills.
    • Students agreed that MindTap impacted their success:
      • Two-thirds of students found that MindTap made the course more engaging.
      • About six in ten (61%) of the 744 participating students using MindTap said that they would recommend MindTap to other students taking the course.
      • 62% felt MindTap improved their grade in the course.
    • Students in Introductory Psychology classes using MindTap achieved significantly higher psychology post-test scores than students in classes using the same textbooks and other digital resources but without MindTap.

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