New Book From Course Technology PTR Details Simple Ways to Live a More Planet-Friendly Life

Picture Yourself Going Green Provides Earth-Friendly and Money-Saving Tips for Consumers

Course Technology PTR, part of Cengage Learning, today announced the publication of Picture Yourself Going Green: Step-by-Step Instruction for Living a Budget-Conscious, Earth-Friendly Lifestyle in Eight Weeks or Less.

From greenhouse gases to global warning to endangered species, serious environmental problems continue to dominate headlines. Many wonder, is there really anything that one person can do to make a difference? In her new book, Erinn Morgan encourages readers to make small adjustments that truly make an impact on the environment.

Picture Yourself Going Green begins with ten quick and easy lifestyle changes for consumers that will make an immediate and positive impact on the environment. Morgan then takes readers through an eight-week plan to make life more environmentally friendly with regards to energy use, transportation, food choices, wardrobe purchases, beauty supplies and travel plans.

“Many people mistakenly believe ‘going green’ is difficult and expensive.” said author Erinn Morgan. “The truth is that living green has never been easier or more affordable. Picture Yourself Going Green provides an easy-to-read, step-by-step roadmap to the simple and effective changes anyone can make in their daily life to make a difference for the health of the planet.”

Picture Yourself Going Green can be found at or at bookstores nationwide for $19.99 or less.

About the Author

Erinn Morgan is a Colorado-based freelance journalist whose writing focuses on sustainability, earth-friendly products, eco-conscious style and trends, outdoor sports and adventure travel. She is a contributor to Her work has been featured in The New York Times, National Geographic Adventure, Outside, Skiing, Bike, and Delicious Living. She works to live a sustainable life by buying local and organic foods, growing some of her own food, using renewable power for her home, using a commuter bike and telecommuting to work. She and her husband recently planned and held their own carbon-neutral wedding on the banks of the Colorado River in Utah’s red rock canyon country.

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