New Online Portal Engages Students with Up-to-the-Minute Information on Today’s Economic Crisis

Global Economic Crisis Resource Center Provides Real-Time Resources on the Global Economy for Instructors and Students

Cengage Learning, a leading publisher of print and digital instructional and reference materials for the academic, professional and library markets, today announced the launch of the Global Economic Crisis (GEC) Resource Center (, an online portal which offers instructors the latest information and analysis on current global economic issues to incorporate into their lessons on the economic crisis. GEC turns current events into teachable material to better engage students through a global issues database, timeline of events, differing perspectives and late-breaking information that can be easily incorporated into daily curriculum. Updated four times daily, the site offers multi-media assets including videos, podcasts, e-books and articles from leading journals, magazines and newspapers from around the world.

The online web portal was created in concert with customers to respond to growing demand for instructional resources focused on the economic crisis. GEC seamlessly and continuously compiles and organizes relevant information, data, animated maps, event details and news stories in an easy-to-use portal. The dynamic resource helps guide instructors-from business disciplines to communications and government-to critical content pertinent to their courses.

“The current global economic crisis will be studied in textbooks for decades, but it is important for today’s students to be engaged in the events, and the principles behind those events, as they happen,” said Jonathan Hulbert, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Business and Computing for Cengage Learning. “The GEC Resource Center provides students with a full overview of the issues as well as continual updates of the latest events well before a new textbook can go to print, while supporting instructors with the most comprehensive information organized in an easy-to-use interface. This innovative online supplement helps to engage students in course materials through the most current examples on topics ranging from the Federal Reserve to the U.S. Mortgage crisis.”

GEC Resource Center also contains a community blog for ongoing discussion and debate on the economy and its impact on how instructors teach and how students learn. Over time, the portal aims to become a community for instructors and will provide a unique way for these academics to share best practices. Additionally, instructors are provided with the option of assigning specific content from the site and can leverage test questions specifically geared to the information on GEC Resource Center to ensure students have learned the material.

Instructors can include access to the live GEC Resource Center with any Cengage Learning textbook. Access to the portal is also available on, Cengage Learning’s online bookstore which offers individual e-books and traditional textbooks at up to 50 percent off and e-chapters and audiobooks for as low as $1.99.

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