Questia Launches New Research Tool Allowing Students Improved Organization and Time Savings

Gives Students Ability to Organize and Save All of Their Research in One Place

Chicago, IL, October 07, 2015 — Questia, the premier online research and paper-writing tool for students, has announced the launch of an all-new Research Tool. Through this new feature, students can now use Questia’s citation and note-taking tools on any digital sources, even ones outside of Questia, and then save, organize and access all of them within Questia project folders.

For educators, the new Questia Research Tool now enables their school’s online library to work more effectively, giving students the needed annotation tools to better research and organize sources found within these content databases. With all of their research materials in one place, students can save time and will automatically be better organized.

According to Gary Jeppsen, Questia’s Director of Product and User Experience, “Questia users already love the organizational tools that are offered – project folders, citation and bibliography generators, and digital note taking – and have asked if they can incorporate sources outside Questia’s library content. The Questia Research Tool was designed to specifically address this pain point by allowing college students access to Questia’s extensive library and the use of external sources from one convenient and easily accessible spot.”

Delivered as a browser extension for Chrome and FireFox, the Questia Research Tool can be accessed here at

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