Seeking Applications for Cengage Learning’s MVP and GPA Scholarship Awards

Thirty available scholarships, totaling $15,000, to be awarded to selected eligible students in the names of six exceptional educators

Chicago, IL, March 12, 2015 — Every college student has had an instructor that has gone above and beyond to ensure that their students are engaged and understand course material. Cengage Learning, a leading education company, presents 30 scholarship opportunities to honor six exceptional educators. Students can apply for the Questia Most Valuable Professor (MVP) Scholarship and Greatest Professor Award (GPA) Scholarship now through March 16, 2015 via the Questia and CengageBrain websites.

In 2014, Questia and CengageBrain, parts of Cengage Learning, asked students to nominate an instructor who had positively impacted their academic career. From those nominations, six winning instructors were chosen to have five $500 scholarships created in their name. The three MVP and three GPA instructors are a part of the team that will determine scholarship criteria and selection of the scholarship award recipients.

Students studying the humanities, social sciences or medical fields (including medicine, pharmacy, nursing and optometry) can apply for the Questia MVP scholarships, and students pursuing a degree in communications, business or medical assisting are encouraged to apply for CengageBrain’s GPA scholarships. More specific details regarding the various scholarships based on fields of study are available via the following links:

Most Valuable Professors:

Greatest Professor Award Winners:

For more information, including all award details and student eligibility requirements, please visit the Questia and CengageBrain scholarship pages.

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