Thomson Learning Acquires TrueOutcomes

Acquisition Showcases the Company’s Continued Commitment to Assessing and Improving Student Learning Outcomes

Thomson Learning, one of the largest academic publishers in higher education, today announced it has acquired TrueOutcomes, LLC, a Web-based provider of universal assessment tools. Thomson Learning will develop the core functions of TrueOutcomes to provide college and university faculty, administrators and students ready access to data that demonstrates how–and how well–student learning objectives and desired outcomes are being met at the course, program and/or institutional level.

“Thomson Learning is taking the lead in building superior products and services that meet the needs of all key stakeholders in higher education – students, faculty and administrators,” said Harris Morris, chief strategy officer of Thomson Learning. “This is an important tool to help us meet the dynamic needs of higher education institutions and offer solutions that truly improve educational results.”

TrueOutcomes provides easy-to-use tools that link administrators, faculty, students, alumni and external stakeholders through flexible assessment instruments. TrueOutcomes’ many tools are designed for institution-wide measurement of student learning outcomes across differing disciplines.

To support accreditation demands and continuous improvement efforts related to student learning outcomes, the TrueOutcomes tools focus on:

  1. Learning Outcomes Curriculum Coverage Review – To determine existing coverage of specific learning outcomes across the curriculum in a program or institution and support curriculum alignment.
  2. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment: tracking, reporting, continuous improvement –
    1. To assess student work based on outcomes criteria and capture results.
    2. To generate and analyze reports showing results of student assessment relative to specific competencies and populations.
    3. To capture action items for improving student learning outcomes based on both faculty input and analysis of the reports measuring and tracking student learning -continuous improvement.
  3. Student Retention – To provide early and effective identification of at risk students so that intervention efforts can be focused more efficiently and effectively and student success and retention improved.
  4. Student Professional Portfolio – To provide an on-line collection of academic and co-curricular work that each student owns and mainta According to Paul Romer, Aplia founder and noted Stanford economist, “this is a great opportunity. With our combined resources, we will be able to help many more students have a successful experience in college.”

Accreditation bodies, students and parents are acutely interested in improving “educational ROI,” as a result they are demanding evidence of institutional effectiveness. TrueOutcomes provides an excellent platform to help our institutional customers meet these demands.

Thomson Learning has acquired TrueOutcomes in order to meet this mandate by providing tools and resources that will effectively map course content to accreditation standards and provide a means for accurately reporting student results across programs, disciplines and curricula.

Dr. Douglas Walcerz, president of TrueOutcomes, has spent several years working in the space. “By joining forces with Thomson Learning, True Outcomes will have the content and distribution resources required to work closely with existing customers to expand our programs while attracting new opportunities,” said Dr. Walcerz, who has joined Thomson Learning Solutions and will focus his efforts on developing the platform and supporting customers.

“With the acquisition of TrueOutcomes, Thomson Learning is positioned to become the provider of choice for outcomes-based digital solutions in the higher education market,” said Sally Elliott, president of Thomson Learning Solutions. “We are proud to be bringing this significant and vital tool to higher education institutions and to be contributing in a meaningful, measurable way to track and support the improvement of students’ learning outcomes.”

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