Connecting Learners to the World: National Geographic Learning Launches Explore Peruvian Gold in English and Spanish

Boston, MA – October 2, 2014 — To inspire students to make real-world connections with learning materials, National Geographic Learning (NGL), part of global education company Cengage Learning, today announced the release of Explore Peruvian Gold with versions in both English and Spanish. This supplemental social studies text for middle school students was created around an exhibit at the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C., which showcases extraordinary objects from Peru’s pre-Inca heritage, including gold ceremonial and funerary masks, textiles, ceremonial ornaments, ceramics and jewelry.

Explore Peruvian Gold is composed of articles from National Geographic Magazine that have been adapted for middle school curriculums. It features compelling photos and maps from the magazine, and includes commentary from National Geographic explorers and photographers. This book can be used to accompany any social studies curriculum, particularly World Cultures and Geography and World History. The English version of Explore Peruvian Gold was released in June 2014, with the Spanish language version launching in October 2014.

“We are thrilled to be working alongside the National Geographic Society to produce engaging materials such as this text in our Explore series,” said Fernando Valenzuela, President of Latin America, Cengage Learning. “National Geographic Magazine houses some of the most compelling multimedia available, which will inspire middle school students to immerse themselves in the material and make real-world connections to their studies. With Explore Peruvian Gold, students can read about the interesting artifacts housed in the museum exhibit as if they were viewing the objects first-hand.”

The Peruvian Gold: Ancient Treasures Unearthed museum exhibit will be moving from Washington D.C. to the Irving Arts Center in Irving, Texas and be housed there from October 4 through December 31. An event to celebrate the opening of the Texas exhibit will take place on Thursday, October 2 – hosted by National Geographic Explorer and Exhibit Curator, Fred Hiebert, and attended by the Peruvian ambassador to the United States, the Honorable Harold Forsyth, and representatives from National Geographic and NGL, among others.

To date there are eleven titles in the Explore series, including Peruvian Gold, featuring topics such as The Maya, Antarctica, The Himalaya, The Amazon and Chinese Civilizations, with more to be published in coming years. For more information about the various products available from National Geographic Learning, please visit

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