Gale Adds Hundreds of Educational Videos to K-12 Products

Research shows video is a key tool for K-12 learning and instruction

Farmington Hills, Mich., December 14, 2016 Gale, a Cengage company, has added hundreds of new educational videos to its most popular K-12 resources, including Kids InfoBits, Research In Context and Science In Context. Working with partner Visual Learning Systems, Gale has incorporated videos covering concepts essential to STEM learning, such as energy, genetics and the Earth.

“Including more curriculum-oriented multimedia content in our K-12 products is a top customer request. We’re excited to infuse these key resources with high-quality videos that support science instruction at all grade levels,” said Lemma Shomali, Gale’s Director for School products. “Integration with popular collaboration tools from Google and Microsoft also allows students and educators to make better use of video to enhance learning.”

According to educators surveyed by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, video in the classroom stimulates class discussion, reinforces lectures and reading, provides a common base of knowledge among students, and helps them teach more effectively. Teachers also felt that video leads to enhanced student outcomes, including enhanced student comprehension and discussion of content, better accommodation of diverse learning styles, increased student motivation and more.

Teachers, librarians and students now have access to more than 600 new videos through Kids InfoBits, and hundreds of others in Research In Context and Science In Context. Each video is approximately 1-3 minutes in length, can be easily incorporated into classroom instruction or accessed outside the classroom, and are great tools for visual learners. Some videos also pose critical thinking questions for the learner to contemplate. Videos intended for grades K-5 feature topics such as magnets, nature, simple machines, energy, the planet Earth, and the wheel and axle. Videos for middle and high school feature biomes, electromagnetism, genetics, properties of matter, biological classification, bodily systems, cells and more.

These Gale products are also integrated with G-Suite for Education and Microsoft tools. Users can seamlessly login to their Google or Microsoft accounts from the products and save, share, and download content with Google tools (Drive, Docs, Gmail) and Microsoft tools (OneDrive and OneNote).

For more information on video in Gale products and to view sample videos, please visit the Gale blog here. For more information on Kids InfoBits, Research In Context, Science In Context, and all Gale’s K-12 offerings, please visit


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