National Geographic Learning Enters Elementary Mathematics Market with Debut of Big Ideas Math: Modeling Real Life

Expands partnership with Big Ideas Learning to Deliver Complete Math Solution for K-12

BOSTON, June 11, 2018 —  National Geographic Learning (NGL), a Cengage company, has released the only complete K-12 math solution under a continuous author team with the launch of Big Ideas Math: Modeling Real Life. The new Modeling Real Life series is available for K-8 and marks NGL’s first foray into elementary math.

“We’re excited to expand our portfolio and serve new students with math programs based on the most current research that engages, motivates and moves the needle on student performance,” said Vincent Grosso, Senior Vice President, National Geographic Learning. “Given our focus on connecting the world and the classroom, this series helps students understand how math can be applied to their everyday life, an important skill for academic and life success.”

Big Ideas Math: Modeling Real Life is written by renowned authors Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell with a strong emphasis on problem solving in the classroom. Students are equipped to transfer their mathematical knowledge to new concepts and apply their understanding to real-life situations.

The series also features a digital solution with virtual math tools, embedded exploration activities and multi-media assets. An assessment engine allows teachers to build their own tests and assignments.

In addition to the elementary and middle school program, NGL offers Big Ideas Math print and digital resources for high school, providing a seamless experience from kindergarten through grade 12. With a consistent author voice from level-to-level, students make connections through cohesive progressions and rich instruction.

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About Big Ideas Learning

Big Ideas Learning, LLC and Larson Texts, Inc. were founded by Dr. Ron Larson to create instructional materials that provide a coherent mathematics curriculum to support world-class mathematics education. Big Ideas Learning works with educators in every step of the development process. Using mathematical and pedagogical research, the Big Ideas Math program focuses on fewer topics at each grade level, providing a narrower and deeper course of study that leads students to mastery of each benchmark as they move from grade to grade. Big Ideas Learning provides students and teachers with all the tools they need to succeed from middle school through high school math