National Geographic Learning Focuses on Outcomes and College Preparedness with Advanced Placement, Honors and Electives High School Products

Boston, MA—December 4, 2013—National Geographic Learning (NGL), part of Cengage Learning and a provider of quality educational materials for the PreK-12, adult education and ELT markets, today announced a renewed focus on college preparedness utilizing a line of products and programs for high school Advanced Placement* (AP), Honors and Electives courses.

NGL will provide print and digital content from leading authors and subject matter experts, such as Ron Larson, author of Calculus of a Single Variable. The company will work closely with schools to choose solutions that will best prepare students for AP exams and can customize the programs to the needs of each individual school. As one of the leading higher education content providers, Cengage Learning is uniquely suited to provide these advanced level programs to prepare high school students for college coursework.

“Reports indicate that enrollment in AP courses has soared over the past 10 years, yet the number of students passing their AP exams has dropped by four percent during that same time frame. Students are enrolling in these courses more than ever to try and offset college costs, but many aren’t making the scores required to obtain college credit,” said Vincent Grosso, senior vice president, National Geographic Learning. “We are investing in products, programs and services that will work to improve outcomes and help students engage with their advanced coursework, therefore obtaining better pass rates on exams. In fact, a recent study found that students who used Cengage Learning’s The American Pageant, by David M. Kennedy, scored one full point above the national average on AP exams, based on the five point grading scale.”

NGL is an exclusive partnership between Cengage Learning and the National Geographic Society. The company believes that learning can be exciting, inspiring and transformational when students are engaged with their course materials. NGL’s products draw on the real-world accounts of National Geographic explorers, scientists, writers and photographers. These stories of adventure and exploration along with National Geographic photography, video and illustrations increase learners’ knowledge of the world and promote an engaging learning experience.

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*AP, Advanced Placement and Pre-AP are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these products.


About Cengage Learning and National Geographic Learning
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