Oklahoma Middle Schools Select National Geographic World Cultures and Geography for More Than 21,000 Students in the State

MONTEREY, Calif., Sept. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — National Geographic Learning (NGL), part of Cengage Learning and a provider of quality educational materials for the PreK-12, higher education, adult education and ELT markets, today announced that more than 21,000 sixth and seventh grade students in Oklahoma will be using the National Geographic World Cultures and Geography program beginning this fall. Students in the districts that selected the program will learn social studies curriculum that not only aligns to the new Oklahoma College, Career, and Citizen (C3) Standards, but also brings learning to life with rich multimedia and graphics, engaging content and real-world accounts from the famous National Geographic Explorers.

National Geographic World Cultures and Geography features active, multimedia lessons including sections on geography, history, culture, government and economics in each unit.  The program incorporates rigorous, standards-based curriculum paired with exclusive content from National Geographic – including real-world accounts from famous National Geographic Explorers in every unit in the series.  The program was constructed upon three basic principles to help each student, in every classroom achieve geographic literacy – the National Geographic experience; interactive lessons to engage and motivate middle school students; and diverse content developed for all types of learners.

“We are very proud of this innovative social studies program and are eager to begin working with these various districts across the state of Oklahoma,” said Vincent Grosso, vice president, National Geographic Learning.  “The Oklahoma C3 Standards, as well as the Common Core State Standards, require a social studies curriculum with a balance of literacy and informational texts, critical thinking skills development and the opportunity to develop an understanding of our global economy.  Due to an exclusive agreement with the National Geographic Society, we are the only company that can integrate the world’s most visual and engaging informational multimedia, authentic cartography and real-world exploration directly into our learning materials.”

National Geographic World Cultures and Geography incorporates exclusive National Geographic content into learning materials to bring the world into the classroom using vivid images and videos, real-world stories from 30 National Geographic Explorers, and the interactive content available through myNGconnect.com, the CODiE award-winning platform for students and teachers.  The program aims to not only help students experience geography and cultures from around the world, but also to work on the development of vital reading, writing and research skills necessary to for college and career readiness.

For more information or to take a virtual tour of the National Geographic World Cultures and Geography program, please visit NGL.Cengage.com/WCG. To learn more about other products available from National Geographic Learning, please visit NGL.Cengage.com.

About Cengage Learning and National Geographic Learning
Cengage Learning is a leading educational content, software and services company, empowering educators and driving learner engagement through personalized services and course-driven digital solutions that bridge from the library to the classroom. National Geographic Learning, part of Cengage Learning, is a provider of quality core and supplemental educational materials for the PreK‐12, higher education and adult education markets. Cengage Learning and National Geographic Learning also distribute a variety of content from the National Geographic Society, including images, maps, videos and articles, to the academic and library markets worldwide. For more information, visit www.cengage.com or NGL.Cengage.com.