Gale Announces Launch of AP Interactives Database

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., March 27, 2008 – The future of media learning tools has arrived. Gale, part of Cengage Learning, announces the launch of AP Interactives, a unique new database that provides compelling multimedia content on specific topics all in one viewing file.  This library of highly interactive and visually appealing files has never before been available.

In collaboration with The Associated Press, a leader in authoritative news content, this new and innovative resource is now available to teachers and the general public to access a multitude of subjects easily.

AP Interactives is a unique tool that provides users a new way of learning by pulling text, images, audio and video together in one file allowing a variety of teaching tools that appeals to many different types of learners,” said Gerry Sawchuk, Director of Alliances at Gale.  “With this new database, instructors and students have a number of options on how to obtain information on subjects such as science, technology, entertainment and more.”

With AP Interactives, the user controls the content they wish to view on a particular topic by clicking on specific hot links.  For example, an instructor can start and stop video as needed to ask students questions or make a particular point. Students can “see” a hurricane’s development and devastation, as well as read facts about hurricanes all from one screen, for example.

Some of the files available in AP Interactives include:

  • Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama & John McCain – On the campaign trail
  • Catching up with Einstein (his life and the Miracle Year 1905)
  • D-Day
  • Earthquakes
  • Gen X-ers vs. Boomers on their differing views
  • Hurricanes – their power, formation and history
  • Legends of Monteray Jazz – Armstrong, Gillespie & Davis
  • Fidel Castro – The Life of the Cuban Leader
  • And many more

AP Interactives features an intuitive search interface that makes locating information quick and easy.  Interactive files are conveniently grouped by major subject headings, including:

  • Breaking News
  • U.S. Domestic News & Features
  • International News & Features
  • National Politics
  • Finance
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Special Events
  • And many others

AP Interactives offers an appealing way for teachers to instruct their students by engaging them in multimedia instruction,” said Thomas Januszewski, Deputy Director at Associated Press Digital. “It also allows independent users to experience a full range of interesting, interactive learning tools.”

New interactive files will be added each week to cover current topical areas of interest.

For more information, please contact Lindsay Brown at [email protected].

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