Gale Celebrates National Library Week With Focus On Advocacy

Gale, part of Cengage Learning, will be celebrating National Library Week with a focus on library advocacy. In the spirit of the celebration, Gale will provide free access to four highly praised online resources for use by any library throughout the entire week.

The week of free access is being made available through a widget that libraries can easily download to their library homepage. The free resources include full access to Career Transitions, Global Issues in Context, GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources) and Grzimek’s Animal Life.

Career Transitions – A new electronic resource offering a comprehensive guide to career change.

Global Issues in Context – An electronic resource that offers global news and perspectives on issues and events of international importance.

GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources) – A new electronic resource offering authoritative reference content on the environment, energy, economic development and natural resources.

Grzimek’s Animal Life – An interactive, media-rich online resource, with information on more than 4,000 species.

Free access runs through National Library Week, April 11 to April 17, 2010. Library patrons should look for the widget on their library’s homepage, which provides single-click access to these online resources. Librarians can access the widget by visiting after April 10, 2010.

“We are proud to partner with libraries and provide free access to some of our newest resources,” said Gale’s senior vice president of marketing, Nader Qaimari. “We believe this is a great way to celebrate National Library Week and allow libraries to share these premier resources with their patrons. In addition, any library downloading the widget will be eligible to win access to one of the resources for a year.”

Gale also reminds library users that National Library Week is a great time to download the AccessMyLibrary (AML) mobile application for the iPhone – making access to library research just a click away on a mobile phone. AccessMyLibrary, a groundbreaking library advocacy program, is a major portal from the Internet to libraries, allowing Web searchers to find what they need by connecting them to their local library.

Gale’s new mobile application helps iPhone users find their local library and then access the vast array of information that the library has purchased on their behalf. The Web-product connects information seekers to trustworthy library information, as well as quick, authoritative answers.

The Gale iPhone application can be downloaded at the iTunes store. AccessMyLibrary, Gale’s platform for library discovery, can also be accessed at any time from any computer through the internet at

For more information, please contact Linda Busse at [email protected].

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