Gale Offers Free Access to Information on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Gale, part of Cengage Learning, is providing free access to content from GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources), making reliable, expert information regarding the Gulf of Mexico oil spill readily available. Both interactive and current, GREENR is a one-stop site providing news, analysis, background information, video, primary source documents and statistics – all vital resources for understanding the ever-changing conditions in the Gulf of Mexico.

Librarians can install a widget ( on their library’s homepage, Facebook page, blog or websites, allowing their community to access the information at the library or from any computer with an Internet connection. The widget, available until August 31, 2010, will connect users to a portal page with content for all levels of interest, from general information to more in-depth analysis of the environmental, economic and political impacts of the Gulf oil spill situation.

“The GREENR interface will help users easily navigate the information and access high-level overviews or more extensive research, depending on their needs,” said Nader Qaimari, Gale’s senior vice president of marketing. “Gale and its library partners want to help arm the public with accurate information. The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill portal in GREENR was created to provide one-stop access to comprehensive coverage, the latest news, case studies, podcasts, videos and other primary source information.”

GREENR is an electronic resource offering authoritative reference content across multiple disciplines to support environmental and sustainability studies. An important part of a new generation of digital products, GREENR is a reflection of Gale’s “Power to the User” philosophy, designed with the end-user in mind.

For more information, please contact Linda Busse at [email protected].

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