Gale Releases New Dictionary of Scientific Biography

New Dictionary is First Major Reworking of Classic Reference

Gale ( is proud to announce the release of New Dictionary of Scientific Biography. It includes 800 new articles, 160 illustrations and 500 photographs that expand, complement and comment upon the original Dictionary of Scientific Biography. Gale is a part of Cengage Learning, formerly Thomson Learning.

By detailing the achievements and personalities behind the quest to understand the natural world, the Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography sheds light on not just the history of science, but the history of humankind. Some 500 of the book’s articles are devoted to scientists deceased since 1950 and not included in the original Dictionary of Scientific Biography, including Hans Bethe, Francis Crick, Richard Feynman, Stephen Jay Gould, Fred Hoyle, Mary Leakey, Konrad Lorenz, Barbara McClintock, Linus Pauling, Andrei Sakharov, B. F. Skinner and Edward Teller. There also are more than 75 articles on figures overlooked in the original Dictionary of Scientific Biography (from Chrysippus to Kinsey) and 225 “postscript” commentaries on important figures who have inspired new research and interpretation.

The New Dictionary of Scientific Biography guarantees the permanent relevance of the original work and constitutes a huge expansion of its scope. Through a special arrangement with the American Council of Learned Societies, Charles Scribner’s Sons will provide not only the New Dictionary of Scientific Biography in compreshensive eBook format, but also the entire digitized back-file of the original Dictionary of Scientific Biography’s 18 volumes.

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