Gale Showcases “Gale Labs” During American Library Association Conference

Gale, part of Cengage Learning, today announced it will showcase “Gale Labs”—demonstrations and mini-electronic samplings of what to expect in the future within the company’s products and affiliated services. ALA attendees can visit Gale Booth #3703, walk up to any of our large touch-screen monitors, and experience “Gale Labs” for themselves. Recent “graduates” from Gale Labs include Gale’s iPhone and iPad apps, widgets and numerous product enhancements.

“Gale Labs allows librarians to look at what we are exploring in the research and development stages, providing us the opportunity to better understand what users want and more quickly implement improvements,” said Nader Qaimari, Gale’s senior vice president of marketing. “This process of discovery is tied very closely to our ‘Power to the User’ mantra, allowing us to focus on user behavior and learn from it, thinking beyond traditional approaches to product development. We will use what we learn to improve the user experience—whether through products, apps, marketing or any other service Gale provides.”

The mini-demonstrations fall into two categories: “Experiments,” offering a glimpse at what is still in development (“blue sky” type possibilities), and “Graduates,” products or features that are now available to customers and users.

A sampling of what visitors to the booth will be able to experience—


Hassle-free Hyperlinks
You name the person, place or thing. We’ll link from it right to relevant searches for speedy, accurate results.

Your Sentiments Exactly
Perspectives, viewpoints, opinions…they shape the way we think about our issues and our world. Now Gale’s groundbreaking technology puts those many voices into new context.

When “Goo” Becomes Good
Start typing a word. Search Assist will offer you suggested common search keywords to aid in any research task.

Crucial Connections
Network Graphs examine usage data to reveal connections between concepts and content. What’s in it for you? Better connections to make search results more relevant for users.

Gale Action Stacks
See what Gale R&D has been up to: a truly cool technique for visualizing product usage in real time.


Turbocharge Your Reporting
Use this new portal to deliver more speed and flexibility in reporting usage for your library. Fast updates make reporting even more convenient.

Financial Smackdown!
How does Company A stack up against Company B? Business & Company Resource Center’s side-by-side financial comparisons deliver fast, accurate data to make informed decisions.

Just the Ticket for a Career Journey
Career Transitions’ Education & Training Finder offers users the insight they need to identify and enhance their skills to find a new or better job.

For more information, please contact Linda Busse at [email protected]

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