Gale Works with EveryLibrary to Support “Vote Library” Campaigns

Donation of Gale’s Analytics On Demand service will help EveryLibrary engage with library supporters ahead of November voting

Farmington Hills, Mich., August 8, 2016 –  Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, is working with EveryLibrary, a national non-profit organization dedicated to non-partisan political action on behalf of libraries, to help support library ballot campaigns. With Analytics On Demand, available for free to EveryLibrary from Gale, EveryLibrary can analyze data on library supporters in the U.S. in order to better understand how to target and engage these individuals in advance of the November elections.

“Advocacy on behalf of libraries has always been a core tenet at Gale. Through Analytics On Demand, we’re giving EveryLibrary the data and the tools to mobilize library supporters in force, and help keep public libraries funded and serving their communities,” said Harmony Faust, vice president, marketing and communications in North America, for Gale.

Analytics On Demand leverages Experian’s Mosaic lifestyle segmentation model, which categorizes households (all data is anonymous at the individual level) using information like age, ethnicity, education, employment, location, population density, behaviors, and interests. Based on trends across the household composition of existing community members who have already pledged to vote “yes” for a library campaign, EveryLibrary can develop the criteria needed to find and target additional households where library advocates are likely found.

With constrained resources as they are in the non-profit sector, access to information like this can help EveryLibrary focus efforts where they’re most likely to have the most impact in library communities across the U.S., as well as enable the ongoing testing and optimization of campaigns through improved messaging based on each segment’s interests.

“Our goal is to build one of the biggest databases of library supporters, voters, and advocates in the U.S. and activate them to fight for libraries. We hope to share what we learn with the greater library community and build a better library ecosystem,” said John Chrastka, founder and executive director of EveryLibrary. ”We truly want to thank Gale for allowing us to use Analytics On Demand to better understand our library supporters and for the opportunity to scale our efforts at a whole new level.”

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About EveryLibrary

EveryLibrary is a 501(c)4 Political Action Committee for libraries that is supported by contributions from individuals, corporations, and unions nationwide who believe that libraries matter in our society. You can learn more about EveryLibrary and its work building voter support for libraries at or take action to support libraries through petitions, pledges, and donations at

About Cengage Learning and Gale

Cengage Learning is a leading educational content, technology, and services company for the higher education and K-12, professional, library and workforce training markets worldwide. Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, has been a global provider of research resources for libraries and businesses for more than 60 years. Gale is passionate about supporting the continued innovation and evolution of libraries by providing the content, tools, and services libraries need to promote information discovery, enable learning, and support economic, cultural, and intellectual growth in their communities. For more information, visit or