Greenhaven Press, Lucent Books and KidHaven Press Publish New Series Focusing on Social Issues, Current Events, Forensics and Notable People

Greenhaven Press, Lucent Books and KidHaven Press Publish New Series Focusing on Social Issues, Current Events, Forensics and Notable People

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., Aug. 2, 2007 – Three of Gale’s popular K-12 imprints are continuing to add to their list of young adult reference titles with new series focusing on subjects ranging from highly contested social issues to forensics to profiles of some of the twentieth century’s most innovative and influential people.

Greenhaven Press publishes circulating resources for libraries and secondary and college classrooms. Its newest series include Fueling the Future and Issues That Concern You. Each book in the colorful Fueling the Future series focuses on one energy source such as hydrogen, oil or wind. Volumes trace the development of the technology, examine the controversies surrounding the energy source in a pro-con format and explore how the source will meet future energy needs.

Issues that Concern You is a series of highly illustrated anthologies on current issues of particular interest to young teen readers such as date rape, dieting, downloading music and gangs. Each book presents a diversity of opinion on a current issue, including both conservative and liberal points of view in an even balance.

Lucent Books publishes nonfiction resources for upper-elementary and middle school students. Its newest series include Crime Scene Investigations, Hot Topics and The Twentieth Century’s Most Influential Hispanics. Every book in the new Crime Scene Investigations series examines the fascinating world of the criminal investigator and other professionals on the frontline of solving today’s (and some of yesterday’s) most notorious crimes. Each title focuses on a particular type of crime (arson, identity theft, kidnapping) or specific criminal case (The Case of the Green River Killer, The Oklahoma City Bombing) and offers crime statistics, information about careers in criminal investigation or law enforcement, and step-by-step explanations of scientific and legal processes. Full-color photographs, charts, graphs, and sources for further research round out the coverage.

The Hot Topics series objectively and thoughtfully explores topics of political, social, cultural, economic, moral, historical or environmental importance, such as energy alternatives, hate crimes and immigration. The Twentieth Century’s Most Influential Hispanics series examines the lives and achievements of Hispanic human rights activists, politicians, entertainers, sports figures and others. Each book begins with a summary of the person’s early years and then focuses on the events that made the individual influential. These realistic profiles include discussion of opportunities and obstacles, missteps and triumphs.

KidHaven Press publishes circulating nonfiction for upper elementary and middle school students. Its newest series include Innovators, which focuses on the life stories of people who are responsible for such innovations as the iPod, PlayStation, eBay and Google; Mysterious Encounters, which presents highly illustrated stories of paranormal beings such as aliens and ghosts as well as fairies and leprechauns, and offers both eyewitness accounts as well as alternative explanations for readers to consider; and Young Heroes, which details the life stories of young individuals who have distinguished themselves as activists or by demonstrating personal courage and ingenuity.

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