Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Herman Cain Garner Significant Numbers

HighBeam Research today announced that they have been using their online research tool to measure media mentions of the top three Republic presidential candidates, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Herman Cain and publishing results in their blog Backstories each Monday. HighBeam Research, which adds over 50,000 new articles from newspapers, magazines and journals to its database each day, has data from May 2011 to present and will continue to publish results as long as the battle for the Republican nomination rages.

This week’s chart reflects Herman Cain in the lead with 37.61%, Mitt Romney with 32.23% and Rick Perry with 30.15% . Anyone following the campaigns knows why Herman Cain now tops the other two candidates. He has been fighting off sexual harassment news that seems to keep growing despite his own unwillingness to discuss the matter.

From the monthly chart, it is easy to see that Rick Perry jumped into the campaign during the summer and, with the press giving him a huge amount of attention, he quickly took over the lead from Mitt Romney. Herman Cain has held fairly steady in media mentions until last week when he began receiving a considerable amount of negative press with a sexual harassment story.

“We love being able to easily track these mentions from our  growing collection of documents that gets updated daily and seeing how the mentions fluctuate,” says Yvette Quintanar, Online Marketing Manager of HighBeam Research. “It fascinates us that the media appears to have its candidate du jour, sometimes because of real news and sometimes rather arbitrarily.”

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