New Science Title from Gale Explores the Evolution of Science

Farmington Hills, Mich., September 23, 2008 – Scientific Thought: In Context provides high school students and general readers with a comprehensive overview of the essential concepts of science; the impact of changes in scientific thinking; and the effects of science on social, political and legal issues, as well as the effect of society, culture, politics and the law on science. Gale is part of Cengage Learning. 

Scientific Thought: In Context is an informative new resource on the history of science.  With more than 140 unique essays written by a global team of science experts, it serves as an authoritative bridge between science and many of today’s social issues, exploring how scientific thought has evolved in response to cultural and political times and the impact of history on scientific thought. Cross-curricular in nature, Scientific Thought: In Context supports both basic and advanced curricula in biology, chemistry, general physical science, physics and Earth science as well as history and the social sciences. 

Scientific Thought: In Context brings together photos, illustrations, maps, primary sources, a detailed chronology, bibliographies and more to articulate the relationship between science and society. It helps bring complex science topics into context for students and will help them think critically about the impact science has had on society,” said Julia Furtaw, senior product manager at Gale.  “This title includes the most significant events in the history of scientific thought and describes where science will take us in the future.”
Topics include:

  • The Big Bang Theory and Modern Cosmology
  • Postmodernism and the “Science Wars”
  • Biochemistry
  • Chaos Theory
  • The Computer
  • Cloning
  • The Discovery of the Structure of DNA and the Genetic Code
  • Evolutionary Theory
  • Microchip Technologies
  • Newtonian Physics
  • Pseudoscience and Popular Misconceptions
  • Psychology and Psychiatry
  • The Quantum Hypothesis
  • The Scientific Method
  • And many more

Scientific Thought :In Context is also available in eBook format.

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