Walker Large Print now called Christian Large Print

Walker Large Print is now called Christian Large Print.

In 2002, Gale, part of Cengage Learning, acquired the large print division of Walker and Company, along with permission to continue publishing under the imprint name of Walker Large Print.

“Walker Large Print has a rich history of providing inspirational and Christian literature in large print, and that tradition will continue,” said Debbie Ludden, Christian Large Print marketing manager at Gale. “Only the name is changing; the product and prices will remain the same, as will our commitment to providing the best in large print titles.”

Walker Large Print began publishing in 1985 when its co-founder saw the need to offer Christian literature in Large Print. Every Sunday, Beth Walker visited an elderly housebound woman whose failing eyesight had forced her to give up her beloved needlepoint. She could still pursue her other love, reading, as long as the print was large — but there was little available in large print that she wanted to read. So Walker Large Print was born.

Now, Christian Large Print continues the religious and inspirational line that has brought comfort to hundreds of thousands of readers. Christian Large Print is committed to selecting the best inspirational and Christian titles available, many from the Christian Bookseller Association’s (CBA) bestseller list and CBA bestselling authors.

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