Milady Launches Standardized Training Program for Cosmetology Instructors in Panama

Clifton Park, NY, March 30, 2011 – Milady, part of Cengage Learning, and a leading provider of beauty and wellness learning solutions, today announced the launch of a formal teacher’s training program for vocational instructors at Instituto Nacional de Formación Profesional y Capacitación para el Desarrollo Humano (INADEH),  in Panama City, Panama. The new training program, launched on February 21, 2011, is the first formal teacher’s training program specifically designed to cater to cosmetology instructors in the country.

The training program was designed to meet increasingly high standards from employers in Panama, and operates with the goal of standardizing teacher training and enhancing student learning and retention. Student teachers accepted into the ten-week program will not be held responsible for tuition costs or course materials, as the entire program is fully covered by the government of Panama. To be eligible for the program, student teachers must have prior experience working within the beauty industry. Upon completion, each student teacher in the Milady/INADEH program will graduate INADEH certified, with an educational standard equivalent to that of a United States based program, and will begin teaching cosmetology students at INADEH in the months following the training program.

“Milady is honored to be a part of this important movement that’s aiming to change the face of Panama’s workforce for future generations,” said Sandra Bruce, director, beauty industry relations, Milady. “The standardized training that we are providing lays a strong foundation for the careers of graduating instructors, as well as for their future students first entering the world of cosmetology. This world-class program will produce knowledgeable cosmetology instructors who will be qualified to effectively teach the same quality curriculum for beauty-related trades as is delivered in the United States.”

INADEH is a part of the American Centre for Knowledge Development in Vocational Training (ILO/Cinterfor), which is a service of the International Labour Office (ILO), and trains approximately 80,000 students annually to become active members of Panama’s workforce.  The ILO/Cinterfor is part of a community of institutions and organizations that take part in the training of ILO member States throughout the world.

For more information on the new Panama training program, or other products and services offered by Milady please visit www.milady.cengage.comor