NetLearning Releases New Role-Based HIPAA Training

NetLearning, a leading provider of integrated e-learning solutions for healthcare training, compliance, and competency management, and part of Cengage Learning, is excited to announce the release of the HIPAA Training for Acute Care Personnel and HIPAA Training for SubAcute Care Personnel series of courseware.

“It can be challenging to engage staff in regular HIPAA training,” observed Michelle Leavitt, Product Development Manager for NetLearning. “These courses, with their interactivity and evidence-based course design, are meant to ease the burden of healthcare organizations, for new hires as well as on-going training.”

Each course includes numerous self-check quizzes and role-based scenarios, as well as practice games, designed to address the specific training needs and situations of key healthcare personnel:

  • Clinical staff
  • Health information management staff
  • Non-clinical support staff
  • Long-term care staff
  • Home health care staff
  • Spanish-speaking staff

“The course content is both accurate and current, using language appropriate to the reading level of adults employed in health care facilities. The content information is of sufficient depth to lead employees to successful completion of the review/test questions, and thus achieve the stated objectives,” said Susan L. Nordahl, BSN, ME-PD, Education Manager at Black River Memorial Hospital in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. “Both the “Test Your Knowledge” questions and health care scenarios are not only relevant, effective, and appropriate, but necessary to ensure achievement of objectives as well as competency in job performance.”

NetLearning focuses on improving the workflow of healthcare facilities by developing high-quality training and continuing education e-learning activities. All of NetLearning’s courses, including the HIPAA Training series, are written and then peer-reviewed by healthcare subject-matter experts and are developed to the highest standards of e-learning design, so learners will have a more rewarding learning experience and should better retain course information.

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About NetLearning and Cengage Learning

Cengage Learning delivers highly customized learning solutions for colleges, universities, professors, students, libraries, government agencies, corporations, and professionals around the world. NetLearning, part of Cengage Learning, is an e-learning solutions provider developing products specifically for the health care industry since 1995. The NetLearning product suite allows for the deployment, management, and reporting of training-related activities. For more information about NetLearning, please visit